Fundraising Database Services

Convert & Enhance Your Fundraising Database

The success of your fundraising efforts is directly dependent upon how your fundraising database is structured and the accuracy of your data. Our Technical Services experts specialize in fundraising data conversion and enhancement. We can provide a free no-obligation fundraising database conversion quotation.

Fundraising Database Conversion Diagram
Donor Database Transfer Icon

Donor Data Transfer

Our Technical Services experts can provide you with fast, reliable and convenient fundraising data conversion and consolidation from virtually any other software format.

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Donor Data Enhancement Icon.

Donor Data Enhancement

We offer a variety of ways to improve the quality and quantity of your donor and prospect fundraising records, such as DP Address Updater. Services include automatic nightly address refresh, USPS bulk mail discounts, and prospect research.

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To learn more about these services, please call 800-220-8111.