Personal Training

On-site and Over the
Phone Training Options

In addition to our regularly scheduled group classes, we offer one-on-one personal training On-site and Over the Phone Options. When you opt for personal training, you learn with the guidance of an expert trainer while working in your own DonorPerfect system.

Phone Training

Using desktop-sharing technology, we can remotely observe your computer’s screen during phone training. We see what you see and talk you through each step, using your system and data. Great for assistance with a specific project like creating a needed report or customizing screens. Phone training can also help new users quickly understand how to apply general techniques to their specific needs.

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Headquarters Training

One-on-one training at our office in Fort Washington, PA just outside of Philadelphia is an affordable way to learn DonorPerfect for as little or as much time as you like. Headquarters training is ideal for local clients or anyone wishing to travel to the Philadelphia area. Make the most of your visit by stopping in the city for a taste of real Philly cheesesteaks and see the sites and relics of the beginnings of American history.

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On-site Training

One-on-one training on-site at your office is often the most effective and comprehensive way to quickly learn DonorPerfect. We’ll show you how to take the best advantage of your system’s capabilities and explore how to fully integrate DonorPerfect with how you work. Learn together with your staff and our trainer through a curriculum that’s completely tailored to your organization.

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Advisory Services

Advisory Services help you maximize development efficiency by recommending best practices and teaching you how to utilize all the DonorPerfect features and tools your organization needs the most. You’ll enjoy streamlined data entry, simplified and standardized reporting, duplicate effort reduction, and increased revenue generation. Both in-person and remote consultations are available.

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Nonprofit employee receiving training on his laptop.

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To request training or for help deciding what’s best for you, please call 800-848-3279.

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