Are You Doing Enough To Improve Your Results?

Why Choose Training:

It’s very simple…people who take training raise more money, save more time and have greater satisfaction with DonorPerfect.

How do we know? Clients have told us. We get testimonials every day from people who share their success.

They range from new clients just getting started to clients who’ve been with us for years. They’re looking to train new staff or find out how to use the latest features or understand how to dig deeper into their DonorPerfect goldmine and find a few more nuggets of wealth!

DonorPerfect Fundraising Software Training

Training has immediate effects:

  • increased and more timely communication with your top donors,
  • more efficient and enthused staff who can now perform common tasks in less time,
  • dazzling reports created for board meetings in a snap,
  • fewer spreadsheets and information systems to be maintained!

It also provides for the future:

  • higher returns from solicitations to targeted groups like major donors and lapsed donors,
  • smoother transitions of new staff will ensue, and
  • data integrity for historical reporting is set in place.