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Senior Healthcare Organization Streamlines Operations with Automated Giving

Note: HCR ManorCare was acquired by ProMedica Health in 2018.

With over 75,000 donor records, most of which are for employees, operational efficiency was an urgent necessity for this leading healthcare provider. They decided to look for a fundraising system to manage their two nonprofits, which receive contributions from over 60,000 employees, as well as family, friends, and others. It was no question that they wanted it to work seamlessly with their human resource system, website, and other systems.

The mission

This organization has multiple funds that serve different missions. One memorial fund enables memorials and honorariums to be made on behalf of patients, and another fund was created as a way for employees to help other employees with financial assistance when faced with an unexpected catastrophic event.

The needs

This nonprofit needed all the normal fundraising capabilities to manage gifts, pledges, thank yous and reporting, but they also wanted to allow employees to manage their own accounts online.

Having employees manage their own contributions eliminates the need for a lot of data entry resources, which saves lots of time and money.

So they turned to DonorPerfect fundraising software, enabling them to manage, analyze, and report on all their donors and fundraising efforts, but also offers the tools to allow them to integrate with a variety of their existing systems.

Contact your DonorPerfect account manager to answer your questions about DonorPerfect.

Workplace giving

Employees needed to log in to make both one-time donations and monthly payroll deduction pledges. This required setting up an automated process to transfer employee data from their Human Resource system to DonorPerfect, as well as an automated process to transfer the preauthorized pledge transactions back to payroll. This was accomplished using import and export utilities and was fully automated with a few simple custom procedures.

Website integration

To integrate with fund-specific websites, the nonprofit worked with our team to use DonorPerfect’s XML interface, which provides an intelligent “back door” to the website. Contributors experience the same look and feel, but the fields of information are tied directly and securely to DonorPerfect, eliminating the need for a separate web database and avoiding possible issues with data redundancy. The integration is completely transparent to their website’s users and takes place behind the scenes – in real time. The DonorPerfect team also created an online payroll calculator so that employees can determine how much they could afford to give over the course of the year.

The Business Systems Specialist noted, “Our website also allows employees and non-employees to make one-time donations by credit card, and DonorPerfect assisted us in using the same XML interface to integrate with our credit card processor.”

We promote the fund specific giving websites via email and in printed materials, but some donors prefer to contribute offline. DonorPerfect set up a special gift entry screen so we could add donors/gifts/pledges on just one page, speeding our data entry time. The fact that DonorPerfect is so flexible and can be customized so easily enabled us to streamline each process and reduce costly mistakes.”

– Business Systems Specialist

The results

“We use DonorPerfect’s acknowledgment tools to send several different types of thank-you letters automatically. For example, if your aunt donates on behalf of your mother who passed away, your aunt receives a thank-you letter, and you receive a letter notifying you of your aunt’s contribution in your mother’s honor. It’s all done automatically, which is a huge time saver when you consider the numbers we’re dealing with.”

“With DonorPerfect, we’re able to automate virtually the entire process. And, the integration of DonorPerfect with our website, HR tool, Microsoft Word®, email, and credit card processing has enabled us to create a web-based system that is nearly flawless, with close to zero defects.”

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