Meet our team

Meet our team

In 2019, DonorPerfect started a Diversity & Inclusion committee, whose mission includes effecting positive changes of diversity and inclusion in the hiring and employee retention practices of DonorPerfect, and is demonstrated in our employee ratings on

Here are just a few of the fine folks that create and care for DonorPerfect’s products.

Leadership team

Meet our leadership team, several of whom started in entry level roles.

DonorPerfect CEO and Co-Founder

Douglas Schoenberg

CEO and Co-Founder

You probably think CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer, but my job is really to be (C)oach, (E)xperience Sharer & (O)rganizer. I spend most of my time using my 30+ years of experience to encourage and support SofterWarians (thankfully not a term we actually use) to create great products and provide great service. Mostly it is an easy job, because the people who work here really care about our clients and each other. I love travel, food, and of course, my family. I also love to laugh and be happy. Luckily, I enjoy the work we do and also appreciate my own sense of humor, so I get to smile a lot!

DonorPerfect President

Lauren Sheehan


I love this company, the people that work here and the amazing clients we serve. My favorite part of this job is having the opportunity to see team members here grow, take risks and achieve their professional goals. When I’m not at work, I’m probably working on my farm or fishing. I’m passionate about sustainable living practices and enjoy keeping chicken, bees, keeping the weeds in my veggie garden at bay and making wine and bread!

DonorPerfect Co-Founder and Board Member

Nathan Relles

Co-Founder and Board Member

100 words or less? Seriously? I’m an Italian-born immigrant fortunate to be a U.S. citizen. I love running, electrical power, and above all my family. I like a good anecdote, especially if it has a moral. Card tricks too. I’m grateful for the exceptional people around me who relentlessly pursue SofterWare’s mission to make easier software so our clients can achieve success easily. Really. I try to indicate precisely what I mean to say, and help others do the same. I’m usually much more verbose, so I think I did well here.

Director of Integrated Payments

Dan Colbeth

Director of Integrated Payments

As the Director of Integrated Payments, I lead SofterWare’s efforts to improve the financial capabilities and ease of use of our SafeSave Payment Services solution. When I’m not working with the talented group of individuals at SofterWare to help our customers achieve their goals, I’m likely traveling with my wife Megan or spending time practicing my mixed martial arts skills.

DonorPerfect VP of Implementation

Eleanor Stasio

VP of Implementation

I lead a team that offers top-notch system setup and training so our clients are positioned to be successful and meet their mission on a daily basis. I love spending time with my family and friends on Long Beach Island and traveling to warm areas. My passion for exercise leads me to our local YMCA where I teach spin and fitness classes.

DonorPerfect Business Development Manager

Darryl Moser

Interim Product Manager for API and Integration

Inspired by our clients’ work, successes, and challenges, I seek out innovative products and services that together with DonorPerfect create solutions for our nonprofit organizations. When I’m not exploring new software, I can be found spending time with my wife and kids and pedaling my bike for fitness and adventure.

DonorPerfect Technical Support Manager

Jackie Thomas

Technical Support Manager

I manage an amazing team of support representatives who work diligently to help DonorPerfect users get the most out of our software. Since starting here in 2014, I have embraced the daily opportunities and unique challenges that our customers bring to make our software a better product and our team a better resource. Outside of the office, I love to run, spend time with my family, cheer on our awesome Philly sports teams and go to the beach.

DonorPerfect Accounting Manager

Frank Trymbiski

Accounting Manager

I manage a team of numbers-savvy people who ensure everyone gets paid, along with spreadsheet gurus who translate data into actionable to-dos that continuously evolve our products and customer experience for the better. When I’m not crunching numbers, I enjoy adventures in the great outdoors with my wife and two hyperactive dogs.

DonorPerfect VP of Finance and Ops

Mike Scott

VP of Finance and Ops

As financial and operations officer, I thrive on helping people achieve more by focusing on the most impactful elements of their job and then measuring results, celebrating successes, and learning from occasional failures. “Better to have tried and failed, than not to have tried,” I often say. In the 80’s, Paul Young sang, “Wherever I leave my hat, that’s my home,” so I tend to leave my silly hat at the beach – on summer Mondays of course!

DonorPerfect Agile PMO Manager

John LeMaitre

Agile PMO Manager

I enjoy helping our Development team and Product Management team implement Agile practices and techniques that drive enhanced collaboration and accountability. My role is to serve the portfolio’s best interest, while embracing a servant leadership approach and leading by example. On my off hours, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 daughters, and finding creative ways to make them laugh.

DonorPerfect Chief Revenue Officer

Eric Foster

Chief Revenue Officer

I focus on helping SofterWare and its customers succeed by growing. When I’m not working with our talented associates and clients, I’m probably enjoying time with my wife and daughter, playing tennis or squash, or doing all manner of household projects. I love being on water and travelling, and particularly value those with a personal commitment to excellence and who are thoughtful, honest, kind and trustworthy.

DonorPerfect Product Manager for Donor Experience

Josh Cobert

Product Manager for Donor Experience

Along with my talented team, I help organizations and their constituents raise money for incredible causes around the world by building and evolving an easy-to-use Online Forms product. I love spending time with my wife Amanda and son Benji, as well as supporting local nonprofits. I’m also a passionate and – depending upon whom you ask – improving tennis player.

DonorPerfect IT Manager

Carl Zentmayer

IT Manager

From computers to Internet connections, phones to facilities, I help the folks at SofterWare work in a cutting-edge, comfortable environment so they can serve our clients better. When not at SofterWare, I enjoy time with my family at local baseball diamonds, batting cages, soccer fields, and fishing.

DonorPerfect Director of DonorPerfect Canada

Laurence Morel

Director of DonorPerfect Canada

Since joining DonorPerfect Canada in 2000 as a Support Representative, I have held multiple positions within the company on my way to my current position as Executive Director. In doing so, I have truly been able to learn something new every day about our team and our clients. Outside of work, I am a competitive Dragon-Boat paddler and bike to work everyday (except during Montreal winter!).

Senior Product Manager

Josh Nelson

Senior Product Manager

I enjoy helping nonprofits overcome their fundraising challenges with innovative and easy to use solutions so that they can spend their time changing the world. You’ll find me asking everyone relentless questions about how to make everything better or digging into a new idea.

DonorPerfect Quality Assurance Manager

Jeff Pagano

Quality Assurance Manager

My team and I are the first to interact with our software after new features or updated functionality are implemented. We collaborate with our Development Team and UX to ensure they are ready for release. I’m a father of three boys and enjoy playing and coaching ice hockey. I also run the Play It Forward Foundation with some of my childhood friends. Our nonprofit empowers people to give back to those in need through sports like volleyball, dodgeball, running, and more.

DonorPerfect Product Manager for New Business

Evan Doyle

Product Manager for New Business

Since joining SofterWare in 2011, I have held several positions, primarily working with our non-profit clients on fundraising solutions. As the ReadySetAuction Associate Product Manager, I get to work with an incredible team of people to build and evolve our auction management software to help organizations with their benefit auction needs. I love spending time with my amazing wife Hallie, our family and friends, and am a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan!

DonorPerfect Data Services Manager

Jim Fannon

Data Services Manager

I manage a team of data conversion specialists responsible for assisting our clients in the many different aspects of data services. I am an avid Penn State Alumni that makes several trips to State College, PA each year When I am not pouring over mountains of data, I enjoy being as active as possible with activities ranging from visiting national parks to playing the sport of curling.?

DonorPerfect Client Onboarding Manager

Miranda Marlapudi

Client Onboarding Manager

My incredible team and I work with new customers who have just purchased our products to ensure they are set up for success right from the start and for many years to come. When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my amazing husband and son, as well as, our family and friends. My passion for volunteering and helping non-profits from a young age led me to this company and that passion just continues to grow as I work with so many wonderful people striving to help others and the world.

DonorPerfect Merchant Operations Manage

Shane McMullen

Merchant Operations Manager

I joined SofterWare in 2011 as a Merchant Account Specialist on the SafeSave Payments team, moved to Team Lead, and eventually to this role as Merchant Operations Manager. I have watched the payments portion of SofterWare grow by leaps and bounds during this time and the success of our customers along with it. I look to continue growing it all as we move forward. When not working, I am most often hanging out with my wife and two children or tuning in to any Philly sports.

Director of Customer Care

Aaron Gannon

Director of Customer Care

My charge and joy at SofterWare is to lead a team of talented and friendly individuals to empower the amazing people who use our products. I get excited about taking on challenges faced by non-profits since I am a reformer by nature and am always looking for a better way forward. When I am not at the office I am most likely with my wife and three kids in our home, at a Philly sports event, or participating in our church community.

DonorPerfect Training Manager

Lori Skibjak

Training Operations Manager

I started with SofterWare in 2007 and I am in awe of what our clients do to help others. I manage an exceptional team of trainers whose goal is to empower our users when it comes to using DonorPerfect. They put in the time with the clients whether virtually or in person to be sure they are comfortable doing their job using the software. When I’m not working with my team or clients I spend my time de-stressing in the kitchen, working on converting baking recipes to gluten free, especially if it’s chocolate! I also like to spend my time with family on the beaches of Cape May and visiting their wineries.

DonorPerfect Director of Business Development

Jeff Vogel

Director of Business Development

I am grateful to lead a talented and dynamic team that helps fuel and amplify our customers’ success. We are a group of product storytellers, success coaches, artists, analysts, builders, and detail-obsessed project managers who are inspired by our customers’ commitment to social good. A one-time Best of Philly food blogger and a long-suffering Temple Basketball fan, I enjoy cooking overly elaborate meals and creating new adventures with my beautiful family.

DonorPerfect Sales Manager

David Kinneman

Director of Sales

I have the pleasure of working with an outstanding team of account managers who focus on how our software can help nonprofit’s get organized, raise more money and save time so they can focus on their mission. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family and playing soccer.

Technical Support Manager

Merriam Qureshi

Technical Support Manager

As a manager in Customer Care, our team focuses on helping our clients achieve their missions. I’m extremely lucky to be able to work with a talented, passionate, and fun group of individuals who strive to help others succeed and get one step closer to their goals. When I am not at work, I like to relax by going to concerts, working out and reading.

Learning and Development Manager

Kelly Ramage

Learning and Development Manager

Being creative, courageous, and curious are words that describe the way my amazing team and I strive to provide learning opportunities that empower our customers and colleagues to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. I am always learning from my team and customers and for that I am grateful. When I am not working, you will probably find me outside enjoying seasonal activities with my family and friends or on a volleyball court with student-athletes.

Web and Graphic Design Manager

Amanda Foran

Web and Graphic Design Manager

I love design of all types and having a wide variety of projects. My talented team and I work on just about all of DonorPerfect's promotional materials. It is exciting for us to grow and expand the new DonorPerfect brand. I love hanging out with my awesome team collaborating and playing games over slack. Outside of work I enjoy to relaxing at home with my cats or going for walks at different parks in the area with my partner.

Communications Manager

Julia Gackenbach

Communications Manager

Like the Lorax speaking for the trees - I have the joy of speaking for the words at DonorPerfect! After working for 10 years in the nonprofit sector, joining the unstoppable content team has allowed me to come alongside fundraisers and help them reach their mission. Some other things that I love are my sweet husband, Liverpool FC, walkable cities, good books, the South Florida food scene, new friends, and the Dallas Cowboys (but don't tell my Philly coworkers).

HR Manager

Julia Notwick

HR Manager

Our people and our culture are strengths of SofterWare. As the Human Resources Manager, I have the honor of caring for and cultivating both of these important differentiators. I’m the proud momma of three energetic humans that keep me on my toes. When I’m not at work, I enjoy simple pleasures in life like good chats and laughs around a campfire or hosting movie night in our backyard. And, if you are planning a themed event or a party, I’m your gal.

Marketing Manager

Sam Goldenberg

Marketing Manager

I get to work with a talented group of artists, and together we create content, designs, and communications that let clients and future clients know they’ve chosen the best people and products to ensure their success. I can’t play sports, build a home, or cook a meal to save my life, but I love watching others do those things on TV! My future will involve lots more travel. (I better get on that!)

Product Marketing Manager

Kaitlyn Jones

Product Marketing Manager

I have the pleasure of leading a team that uses their unique expertise to understand the challenges nonprofits face and how DonorPerfect can become a reliable partner addressing their needs. Drawing on my experience from nonprofits and start-up’s, I get excited to connect with people in new ways about product solutions that can move their organization forward. When I’m not behind a computer, I love going on adventures, competing in various sports and spending time outside with my dogs and horses.

Senior Development Manager

Mike Ramsey

Senior Development Manager

I’ve loved computers and the code that runs them from the first time I heard a dialup modem speak it’s incredible language. Fast forward to today at SofterWare, where I’m able to lead and mentor the Development team in continued improvements, innovations, and features that better serve our clients. I’m diehard Flyers fan, avid video and tabletop gamer, electronics tinkerer, and guitar effects pedal builder.

Senior Development Manager

Jason Powley

Senior Development Manager

I help manage a team of passionate problem solvers who are challenged every day to provide new, innovative solutions to help our clients. My role helps promote excellence in the team's processes and code quality while keeping their workday free of roadblocks and meetings. When I'm not working with my team to create high caliber software, I'm often enjoying family time with my wife and two sons or playing strategic board games with some close friends.

Senior Web Development Manager

Diyar Karim

Senior Web Development Manager

As the Senior Web Development Manager, I manage the web development team and the UX team. Our goal is to create rich user interfaces and provide a great user experience. I enjoy time with my family, traveling, food and videogames. Some of the places I have traveled include Turks and Caicos, Hawaii, Bahamas, Cozumel (Mexico), Puerto Rico and Aruba. I'm a Kurdish immigrant; my family came to the United States when I was 7 years old. I speak English, Kurdish, Arabic, and I'm currently trying to learn Spanish!

Manager of Financial Analysis and Reporting

Dave Gildea

Manager of Financial Analysis and Reporting

I joined SofterWare in 2014, and as the Manager of Financial Analysis and Reporting title references, I spend much of my time creating actionable reports using a multitude of data sets. When I'm not immersed in Excel, I spend my time visiting friends and family with my wife and dog. I also enjoy good beer and Philly sports, often together.

Aaron Palmer

Aaron Palmer

Solutions Architect

As the Solutions Architect at Softerware, I lead an exceptional team of engineers, designing innovative and effective solutions for our clients. I am passionate about non-profit organizations and making a positive impact in the community and the world. When I am not working, I enjoy getting outdoors, hiking and kayaking with my family. I also enjoy playing strategy board games with friends.