The DonorPerfect Brand

The purpose of this page is to ensure that you are using the DonorPerfect Brand correctly. On this page you can download the various logo types of DonorPerfect, find out the what the specific colors of the logo and website are, and download the DonorPerfect Branding guide.

If you require a pantone, RGB or CMYK version of one of these logos, please click here to email the marketing department with your request.

DonorPerfect Logos


  • blue
    HEX: #00b8f9
    PANTONE: 298 C

  • purple
    HEX: #bd9fe5
    PANTONE: 0631 C

  • navy
    HEX: #003a63
    PANTONE: 534 C

  • yellow
    HEX: #f4ae18
    PANTONE: 1235 C

  • silver
    HEX: #e4e9ed
    PANTONE: 656 C

  • grey
    HEX: #5f5f5f
    PANTONE: 10 C