Account Updater

Stop losing recurring donors due to changing account information!

Donor payment account information changes for many reasons: card expirations, lost or stolen cards, and when credit card issuers buy and sell their portfolios of accounts.

The team at DonorPerfect understands that you can’t pinpoint which donors have new account information until you’ve lost revenue. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover created a paid service where these updates can be securely accessed by DonorPerfect on your behalf to save you time and collect more donations.

What is Account Updater?

Account Updater is a simple, cost-effective solution for managing and maintaining up-to-date donor credit card account information.

DonorPerfect’s Account Updater swiftly and seamlessly updates recurring donor payment account information in your system when it changes.


Because it’s crucial to the success of your recurring giving program, we offer Account Updater at an affordable, no-nonsense rate. It’s simple. You pay just $0.99 per update for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover accounts based in the US & Canada.

For your convenience, these fees are billed and listed in your normal monthly account statement.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How frequently do updates occur?
  • A: Updates happen on the 15th of each month and are automatically reflected in your DonorPerfect System on the 16th of each month.
  • Q: Will I be notified of updates?
  • A: Clients will receive email notifications detailing any updates that have been made.
  • Q: How will updated card information be recorded in DonorPerfect?
  • A: By the 16th of each month, your DonorPerfect system will be updated with all new account information.
  • Q: What if I’d like to keep previous card information on file?
  • A: Due to security reasons, it’s not possible to track previous card information. However, all previous transactions are still displayed, along with their statuses.
  • Q: How does Account Updater change every credit card number?
  • A: The Account Updater service will update the vast majority of these (85-90%) as not all credit card issuers participate in this program.

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To receive more information about Account Updater, call the DonorPerfect Payment Services Team at 800-220-8611.

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