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Account Updater

Stop losing recurring donors due to changing account information!

Nonprofits can Update credit card information

Increase Processing Success!

Save time by eliminating the need to manually track and update expired or replaced cards. With Account Updater, you’ll process more recurring gifts without any extra administrative work.

Nonprofits who use DonorPerfect’s Account Updater have seen as much as a 31% increase in successful monthly giving collection.

Graph of increased donations from updating credit card information

Account Updater is a simple, cost-effective solution for managing and maintaining up-to-date donor credit card account information.

DonorPerfect’s Account Updater swiftly and seamlessly updates recurring donor payment account information in your system when it changes.


You pay just $0.99 per card update. For your convenience, these fees are billed and listed in your normal monthly account statement.