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DonorPerfect batch gift entry example

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Batch Entry 2.0 is an advanced batch entry system that offers more flexibility than a simple import. It is intended to allow you to enter gifts and pledges in batches, so as to speed up data entry, reduce data entry errors, and provide a way of reviewing batches of gifts and pledges for accuracy before they are posted to the system.

Batch Entry 2.0 makes extensive use of templates to allow you to tailor your data entry screens for efficiency. In addition, Batch Entry 2.0 line items may contain split gifts, tributes & notifications, matching gifts, payments toward pledges, and soft credits.

Batch Entry 2.0 Features and FAQ


  • Post linked gifts, like tributes & notifications, matching gifts, pledge payments, and soft credits
  • Choose from several premade data entry templates
  • Create new templates for every gift entry scenario
  • Create user-specific templates
  • Edit codes on the fly while entering batch records
  • Enable executive oversight batch posting
  • Confirm batch validity before posting
  • >Quickly view open and posted batches

What is a batch?

A batch is a set of donations that are entered as a group. Usually, you can think of a batch as all of the donations that make up one bank deposit. Entering the donations in a batch helps to ensure the same amount of money is posted to DonorPerfect as you deposit in the bank.

Can I enter more than one batch before I post?

You can enter as many batches as you want before you post. Once the posting process is started, the system will validate each batch and only allow those batches that are valid to be posted.

What happens when I post a batch?

  • Each new donor will have a record created for them with their gift added
  • Each new gift and pledge entry is added to the associated donor record
  • All associated financial totals are recalculated to reflect the gifts from the batch

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