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Together, mobile-friendly emails and user-friendly donation forms hold the key to an effortless giving experience for your donors. Constant Contact’s integration with DonorPerfect takes these two best-in-class tools and turns them into an iconic duo. From launching to promoting and measuring your fundraising campaigns, the automatic features of this integration will save you countless hours. 

DonorPerfect users have access to more than 30 fundraising email templates to customize and send. We’ve already done the writing for you, so you can quickly launch campaigns like monthly giving, Giving Tuesday, and crowdfunding. No matter how big your mailing lists get, your emails will still feel personal with information from your DonorPerfect records.

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Features of DonorPerfect’s Constant Contact Integration

Personalize and optimize your emails

  • Access 30+ fundraising templates to make your messages stand out
    • Pre-written templates include: Monthly giving appeals, crowdfunding communications, Giving Tuesday, and other specific campaigns
  • Segment mailing lists for each of your target audiences
  • Personalize emails with information from your donor records
  • Include links to your online donation forms in your emails
  • Add calls to action (e.g. join our mailing list, visit our website)
  • Send automated welcome emails to retain new donors

Auto-sync email data for epic time savings

  • Automatically refresh both platforms with your latest activity and updates
    • Email receipt status (opened, bounced, opted out, etc.)
    • Email click-through rates (who opened your email links)
    • Contact records, noting responses to campaigns
  • Set each mailing list to auto-sync
  • Automatically add donors to a mailing list when they meet your criteria
  • Sync Constant Contact records with DonorPerfect and vice versa
  • Refresh your campaign results in real-time
  • Choose the length of campaign history you want to see in DonorPerfect

We researched a lot of (donor management solutions) and we like the Constant Contact (integration). DonorPerfect is a great system that will do a lot of your work for you. It will make you more efficient.”

Jeff Andersen, Children’s Choice

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