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Constant Contact, the industry-leading email marketing tool, and DonorPerfect, the most awarded fundraising system, are a dynamic duo. When contacts are added to one, they can be added to the other, automatically – and no matter how big your mailing lists get, your emails will always feel personal with your inclusion of DonorPerfect’s fields.

Plus, with Constant Contact’s mobile-responsive emails and DonorPerfect’s mobile-responsive forms, it’s never been easier for your supporters to answer your calls to action and donate!

Learn more about how DonorPerfect’s integration with Constant Contact can optimize your communications and fundraising efforts:

Features of DonorPerfect’s Constant Contact Integration

Customize, personalize, and optimize your emails

  • Design eye-catching emails with easy-to-use templates
  • Segment mailing lists based on your DonorPerfect filters
  • Insert DonorPerfect fields into emails for personalization
  • Embed links to your online donation forms in your emails
  • Redirect recipients to pre-filled forms with SmartGive
  • Include buttons in emails to:
    • Trigger autoresponder emails
    • Add recipients to specified mailing lists
    • Redirect recipients to a website

Sync data with DonorPerfect

  • Automatically update your system with the nightly sync
  • Records are updated with:
    • Receipt statuses (Opened, bounced, opted-out, etc.)
    • Contact records, noting responses to campaigns
  • Set each mailing list to auto-sync or sync manually
  • New contacts are added to Constant Contact:
    • When records are added to DonorPerfect
    • Based on criteria you set in your mailing lists
  • New records are added to DonorPerfect:
    • When contacts are added to Constant Contact

Report on your email campaigns

  • Store unlimited history of metrics in DonorPerfect
  • Report on the following campaign and constituent data:
    • Most engaging subject line
    • Opens by device
    • Campaign comparison
    • Click rate, unsubscribe rate, and more

Do more with Constant Contact Email Plus

  • Trigger an automated email series based on how your contacts engage
  • Automatically send new donors a series of welcome emails when they join a list
  • Personalize email content with details about your contacts using dynamic content
  • Create a website with easy drag-and-drop templates and built-in analytics
  • Collect donations 24/7 using DonorPerfect Online Forms integration
  • Utilize an unlimited number of pop-up forms with customized timing
  • Exclusive low pricing for DonorPerfect customers – $29/month

We researched a lot of (donor management solutions) and we like the Constant Contact (integration). DonorPerfect is a great system that will do a lot of your work for you. It will make you more efficient."

– Jeff Andersen, Children’s Choice

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