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The more information you have on your donors, the easier you can engage with them and target them with more fine-tuned solicitations. DonorPerfect makes it simple to keep tabs on your donors by allowing you to store information about them that your team can locate from anywhere from their desktop or mobile device.

Constituent Tracking Features

Get donor stats at a glance.

Atop each donor profile, you’ll find a donor’s contact information, photo, lifetime giving, most recent gift, largest gift, number of gifts, years since first gift, as well as their status as a major donor, monthly donor, and volunteer.

Collect constituent information.

  • Flag constituent records as Board Members, Volunteers, etc.
  • Store information, such as primary and secondary addresses, gift and pledge detail and history, relationships to other constituents and organizations, documents related to the constituent, volunteer hours, interests, and more.
  • To track additional information, create any number of new data fields, including calculated fields that auto-update information, such as age.

Manage touchpoints with constituents.

  • Keep track of all past and upcoming communications with constituents, such as receipts and mailings received, phone calls and grant requests made, events attended, and more.
  • Assign solicitors to constituents for more manageable cultivation efforts.
  • Assign tasks to staff to keep them abreast of upcoming engagements and due dates.
  • Dictate notes from the DPMobile app, when you’re engaging with donors on the go.

I like the ease of each donor profile and the ability to research history, contacts, and notes left from other users. This allows us to know exactly what’s happening with each individual before any action is taken.”

Cristopher B., Administrator

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