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Your donors are the biggest advocates of your mission. By equipping them with DonorPerfect Crowdfunding forms, they’ll be able to both share why they love your mission and fundraise on your behalf by creating fundraising pages with their own story, photo, and video.

Unlike other peer-to-peer fundraising platforms like Facebook, DonorPerfect Crowdfunding gives you control over the content your fundraisers post and captures donor and gift data for you. This way, you can stay true to your mission and never miss a chance to re-engage new donors.

Crowdfunding Features and Use Cases


  • Personalize a crowdfunding page for your campaign
  • Supporters can effortlessly create and share individual pages that stay true to your theme
  • Set a custom, editable goal and display goal thermometer for both individual fundraising pages, as well as your organization’s main fundraising page
  • Display a leaderboard of supporters’ and fundraisers’ names
  • Edit/delete individuals’ fundraising pages
  • Encourage social media sharing using sharing buttons on your confirmation page
  • Instantly thank donors with automated email acknowledgements
  • Add offline donations to be counted in your total

Use Cases

  • Use the leaderboard to create friendly fundraising competitions
  • Provide a way for your staff and board members to easily fundraise
  • Make crowdfunding a social media challenge
  • Raise funds for a short-term goal, motivating donors with a goal thermometer
  • Reach new donors through your existing supporters
  • Pair your advocacy campaign with a crowdfunding element
  • Request donors to fundraise on your behalf for their birthdays
  • Host virtual events that involve team fundraising, such as a 5k

As the landscape of fundraising continues to shift towards more mobile and peer-to-peer tactics, DonorPerfect’s accessibility and continuously expanding features allow organizations to stay on top of the trends.”

– Linda R., Development Associate

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