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Database Analysis Service


  • Learn how to use features that will make staff more efficient
  • Eliminate wasted paper and staff efforts
  • Generate faster turnaround of acknowledgment processing and direct mail
  • Reduce data entry with time-saving tips
  • Integrate with Excel and Word seamlessly and minimize errors in data replication

This service provides an evaluation and needs assessment by speaking with the primary users and directors about their business process workflow, current utilization of DonorPerfect, and areas of unfamiliarity in the software. A review by a member of our Training department of your database is then performed. The review will encompass a comprehensive examination of screen and field usage, data entry protocols, code conventions, and data integrity.

A report is provided that summarizes the observations found in the review, accompanied by detailed recommendations regarding one or more of the following:

  • Training for more efficient data entry protocol. * Utilization of under or non-used features of the program. * Modifications to previous business processes or adoption of new business processes – implementation of additional fields and/or screens. * Corrections of data to be performed by our Data Services department or by the client.

Click here to view a sample database review.



Service Options

You can choose from the following options, all of which include a systematic review of entry screens, codes and data files by an experienced DonorPerfect professional:

  1. Constituent and Financial – $395 – all fields, data, and codes pertaining to constituent and financial transaction entries on the Main and Bio2 as well as Gift and Pledge screens will be reviewed.
  2. Preferred – $595 – all fields, data, and codes on ALL entry screens will be reviewed.
  3. Advanced – $695 – all fields, data, and codes on ALL entry screens, plus security, duplicate maintenance and orphan records.
  4. Customized – $150 per hour – client-specified areas of the database will be reviewed.