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DonorPerfect Form Tools

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Frontline fundraisers know their craft is more than just collecting gifts – it’s engaging with their community through a variety of avenues. That’s why we offer two distinct online form products to support both functions.

The new DonorPerfect Online Forms were developed specifically for online fundraising, with features that streamline the gift collection process and the donor experience. These include drag-and-drop formatting, default monthly giving, and mobile wallet payments.

DonorPerfect’s Classic Forms allow you to create an unlimited number of mobile-responsive forms for event registrations, volunteer sign-ups, crowdfunding, surveys, and more!

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Forms Features

Standard features (All Forms)

Nonprofits raise 20% more in their first year with DonorPerfect

  • Create friendly links for sharing via social media and email
  • Customize confirmation emails for prompt acknowledgments
  • Upload images to embed on forms and emails
  • Select custom colors to match your form to your brand
  • Apply codes to gift fields to inform your fundraising efforts
  • Promote recurring gifts with online forms for monthly giving
  • Share mobile-friendly forms your donors can access from any device
  • Allow your donors to offset processing fees with an additional donation
  • Collect tribute donations in honor or memory of your donors’ loved ones
  • Update the content of the header & footer of each form

Online Forms (New)

Built for streamlined gift collection and donor experience

  • Offer your donors the ease of using PayPal and Venmo
  • Automatically download all donations entered
  • Brand your form easily with a color picker tool
  • Build and reorder your form with drag-and-drop sections
  • Allow click-to-type editing on all fields and sections
  • Provide donor-friendly forms with accessibility features
  • Maximize donations by describing what they will fund
  • Save time by applying DonorPerfect email thank you templates
  • Upload an unlimited number of images to your form
  • Get your questions answered with an in-product help center

Classic Forms

For events, volunteers, surveys, retail, mailing lists, & more

  • Engage supporters with customizable crowdfunding forms
  • Simplify events with Event Management Integrated Forms
  • Offer discount codes for memberships, tickets, and sales
  • Add, hide, or require DonorPerfect fields from donor records
  • Reorder fields within each section of your online form
  • Discover your form’s conversion rate with online forms statistics
  • Customize fields with formatting, character limits, and pixel dimensions
  • Allow multiple purchases or donations on a single form (Ex. Offer a ticket sale and general donation on a single page)
  • Increase donor motivation with limited item availability
  • Select from a variety of templates to build forms quickly

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