Moves Management


moves management screen

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The Moves Management module gives you the ability to schedule and carry out a set of contact “moves” for a group of donors. For example, you can create a plan to solicit donations from your major donors for your annual appeal. Each plan includes the specific set of actions (i.e, phone calls, emails, and meetings) you want to use to solicit your donors. With this module, you have the option to schedule each of these actions and assign them to different users in your system. As each action is completed, you’ll be prompted to schedule the next action in the plan.

Moves Management Features and Benefits


  • Ensure everyone follows the same fundraising plan
  • Measure the success of the overall plan and each phase
  • Execute strategies thoroughly, without missing a beat
  • Meet deadlines to attain specific, timely fundraising goals
  • Better understand your success and areas to improve


  • Establish your gift and pledge amount goals
  • Create actions for every touchpoint and internal task
  • Log interactions in constituent records, en masse.
  • Apply a filter to include the right constituents in the plan
  • Add tasks to specific staff members’ calendars
  • Alert staff of upcoming due dates

Report on success and adapt accordingly

  • Track the pending actions for a plan
  • View the completed actions for a plan
  • View detailed statistics about a plan and its progress
  • Compare plans against each other
  • List all associated touchpoints, gifts, and donors

I would recommend DonorPerfect definitely because it is a comprehensive kind of software that you can use not just to track your donors, but for hard data, interpretive data, and doing all the task work (associated) with being an organization that accepts donations.”

Jana Ulven, EOD Warrior Foundation

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