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Online Donation Results

Big Brother Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin
increases online donations 96% using DonorPages!

Bowl for Kids Sake Campaign Results:
Online Donations
Online Donation Growth*
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*Year-to-year growth rate in online donations.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin increased their Bowl for Kids Sake campaign’s online donations 96% over two years! These results were achieved through DonorPages’ ability to reach the social network of supporters, and provide easy-to-use “painless” online donation pages that empower supporters to be fundraisers!

I like DonorPages because of its seamless integration with DonorPerfect. It's much easier when we don’t have to manually enter online donations into the system.

- Christina Thrun, Development & Marketing Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin

Survey Results from the Bowl for Kids Sake DonorPages campaign:

“We did a survey of our constituents who used DonorPages this year for their campaign. The overwhelming majority found it easy to use and effective in raising more funds than they would have without."

- Christina Thrun

Supporter/Fundraiser Survey Comments:

  • “It allows you to reach people you may not normally be able to reach. Plus in today's technological world some people are more likely to donate if they can do it online.”
  • I raised over $2,000...virtually all of it online. Everyone should be encouraged to use this tool because of the exponential effect of tapping into people’s Microsoft Outlook Address books. It’s so easy!
  • “I have friends all over the country from college and law school and the online system allowed me to send out an email and they could donate online rather than have to send a check, etc. I think the ease of the system prompted more people to donate.”
  • “Easy way for people to donate!”
  • “(DonorPages) was fantastic and greatly added to our team’s contribution!”