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DP Forms PayPal Integration

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Digital wallets like PayPal and Venmo are becoming increasingly popular with both donors and nonprofits because they reduce donor checkout friction. In fact, according to a study by Logica Research, 31% of US respondents would not have made their donation without PayPal being offered as an option.1

With the NEW DP Donation Forms, your donors can now enjoy a frictionless donation experience with improved payment flexibility that includes PayPal and Venmo – and these new forms are included in your DonorPerfect subscription!

*Inclusive of PayPal payment processing fees and DP integration fees. Fees are subject to change.
1Logica Research, Commissioned by PayPal, March 23-April 2, 2021. Logica Research conducted an online survey averaged 10 minutes among a sample of 4,306 non-profit merchant respondents from four countries (U.S., Canada, Australia, and U.K.), who made a monetary donation using PayPal to qualify. N=1,076.

Set up in seconds to reduce checkout friction

  • Connect your PayPal business account to accept mobile wallet donations. If you don’t have a PayPal business account yet, you can create one right through your form builder
  • Add a PayPal button to any and all of your forms
  • Once PayPal is active on your form, US donors can also donate via Venmo

Build trust & drive conversions

  • Eliminate the donor’s burden of entering their card and contact information
  • Studies show that in the US, 37% donate more if they can use PayPal1
  • Collect donations & capture donor info via desktop, mobile, or tablet
  • Ensure accurate records & reports with automatic data entry
  • Automatically update DonorPerfect with new donor and gift information

Give donors the power of choice

Allow supporters to donate with any payment method in their PayPal wallet, which may include:

  • PayPal balance
  • Debit/Credit card on file
  • Venmo (US only)
  • Checkout with Crypto
  • PayLater options including PayPal Credit and Pay in 4 (you receive the full donation upfront)
  • Bank account

PayPal processing via DP Forms - Pricing & fees

  • US nonprofits with PayPal Confirmed Charity status pay 2.89% + $0.49 per domestic transaction.
  • US organizations without PayPal Confirmed Charity status pay 3.79% + $0.49 per domestic transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

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3. When will I receive my funds?

4. What NPO name will the donor see on their bank statement?

5. Will my donations through PayPal/Venmo show up in my gateway?

6. Will my fees be charged by SafeSave through DonorPerfect?

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