Compare DonorPerfect to Bonterra

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Compare DonorPerfect to Bonterra

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As an employee-owned company dedicated to serving the nonprofit sector, DonorPerfect prides itself on providing tailored solutions without forcing unnecessary products onto organizations. Our team is invested in the success and satisfaction of our customers, and every decision is guided by our commitment to nonprofits.

In contrast, Network For Good, EveryAction, and Salsa among others, have faced takeovers, acquisitions, layoffs, and the termination of support for some software platforms due to private equity involvement as Bonterra acquired them. These changes may impact their ability to address the needs of nonprofits, unlike DonorPerfect.

DonorPerfect users stay with us year after year, with a 95% retention rate, which is attributed to our platform, features, and high-quality service offered by knowledgeable, passionate people. We see our customers’ success as our success!

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What nonprofits should know

Private equity firms often prioritize profits over nonprofit success, leading to forced platform migrations, lack of support, and hidden costs. These conglomerates acquire companies with different strengths to offer broad features before selling to generate a profit.

Interactions with dissatisfied Bonterra customers reveal the impact of this industry trend on nonprofits. Organizations are forced off one platform and onto another, leading to frustration over a lack of support during sunset phases or total withdrawal of support. 

I love the simplicity of DonorPerfect on my end as a user. I have worked with other programs, and DonorPerfect has, by far, been the easiest to learn and to integrate. But more than that, I love the people who work for SofterWare (developers of DonorPerfect). I feel like I know the people on the team.”

– Director of Philanthropy at Colorado Open Lands

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The better option

DonorPerfect offers more than just software; we provide a committed partnership dedicated to your success. With transparent pricing and a track record of helping nonprofits raise 25% more funds in their first year, we’re the ideal choice for organizations seeking a reliable fundraising solution.

At DonorPerfect, your input matters. We prioritize your needs and preferences, allowing for customization, whereas,. Bonterra requires users to complete a standardized needs assessment quiz.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner that won’t let you down, won’t sell out, and won’t pull your CRM out from under you, we’re here for you.

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