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Maximize impact, minimize effort

DonorPerfect simplifies donor engagement, enabling seamless communication with your supporters. Our intuitive features allow your team to prioritize nurturing relationships over administrative tasks, complemented by affordable pricing options tailored to the size and needs of your nonprofit.

With new DonorPerfect clients raising 25% more funds in their first year, it’s no wonder over 60,000 nonprofit professionals worldwide trust us. 

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We’re focused on you – not Wall Street

While Network for Good, now operating under the ownership of Bonterra and rebranded as Guided Fundraising, faces uncertainties due to multiple acquisitions, DonorPerfect remains independent with no plans for external funding.

Owned by its founders and dedicated employees, DonorPerfect ensures stability and continuous product development aligned with customer needs. Since 1981, DonorPerfect has been committed to nonprofits, not investors. For over four decades, we’ve been providing robust fundraising software tailored to amplify your efforts.

I love the simplicity of DonorPerfect on my end as a user. I have worked with other programs, and DonorPerfect has, by far, been the easiest to learn and to integrate. But more than that, I love the people who work for SofterWare (developers of DonorPerfect). I feel like I know the people on the team.”

– Director of Philanthropy at Colorado Open Lands

Donor engagement

Effective donor engagement starts with understanding your supporters. DonorPerfect offers comprehensive donor profiles complete with photos, enabling personalized solicitations and targeted outreach accessible from any device. All plans include Constant Contact and customizable donation forms, which boast a 10% higher conversion rate than other form types.

FeatureDonorPerfectBonterra Guided Fundraising
Constant ContactConstant Contact integrated and included in all plans.Personalized emails.
Direct mailManage a campaign with multiple segments in a single workflow.Create either a single list for all segments or individual lists for each subset. With three segments, you’d repeat the process three times.
Donation formsDonor-first online forms leveraging advanced giving technology to enhance experiences and increase donations.Fundraising pages with custom forms.
Donation processNo donor login required for a streamlined donor experience.
Donor login required, adding an extra step and barrier to giving.
Sticky badgesGentle reminders to encourage donors to complete their gift as they’re on your website.
Dynamic ask amountsProcess one-time gifts with a nudge for an additional recurring donation.N/A
Donor discoveryIntegrate with prospect research tools to conduct wealth screenings.N/A
Moves managementCoordinate, schedule, and implement targeted interactions with specific donor groups.N/A
Alumni managementFoster connections and communication with alumni.
Membership managementTransform prospects into donors.

Reporting & analytics

DonorPerfect statistics design, including Donor Lifetime Value, Donor Retention Status, Growth in Giving and Average Gift


  • Seamlessly switch between organizational and personal dashboards to monitor real-time progress, including solicitation success, donor retention rates, top donors, and more.
  • Easily access over 70 essential nonprofit reports, or customize your own using the Easy Report Builder’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Arrange fields, apply functions like grouping, sorting, counting, summing, and averaging, and schedule automatic report runs and delivery to stakeholders’ inboxes on a recurring basis.
  • Efficiently refine reports and access specific information by applying filters, and enjoy the flexibility of creating an unlimited number of custom fields.

Network for Good:

  • Financial reporting is limited, restricting strategic decision-making. 
  • Reports consist of transaction lists with basic summary statistics, such as total and average figures. In contrast, DonorPerfect offers comprehensive donor insights crucial for building lasting relationships.
  • The only available visualization tool is a simple line graph plotting transactions over time.

System management & tools

Nonprofits prefer DonorPerfect for its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. While Bonterra Guided Fundraising can become expensive with necessary add-on and external solutions, DonorPerfect offers scalability without the confines of a contract. Organizations enjoy automated workflows and customizable fields and can easily integrate additional functionality from a wide array of options.

FeatureDonorPerfectNetwork for Good
Custom calculated fieldsCreate fields for automatic calculations, like tracking volunteer hours and summarizing totals for various timeframes, to easily visualize, report, and filter essential data.Custom fields are static and must be manually updated.
SmartActionsUse automation rules to trigger actions like pop-up messages, field updates, and email notifications.N/A
Volunteer managementTrack and manage volunteer activities while effectively engaging with them.N/A
Pledge trackingMonitor and manage donor commitments to contribute over time.N/A
Grant managementAdd, edit, and update grant information within a donor’s record.N/A

Payment processing

From a former Bonterra user’s perspective:

“Network for Good offers a portal, which appears as a huge perk. However, we cannot update information on behalf of the giver. For example, if a card expires, a giver wants to change their monthly gift, etc., the giver has to be the one to go in and change it. On top of all of this, the portal is password-protected, so if the giver forgets their password they could get locked out and there is nothing the organization can do about it. This is a major sticking point for donors and retention.”

FeatureDonorPerfectNetwork for Good
Merchant accountsReal-time processing, allowing direct donations to your nonprofit, and your organization’s name on credit card and bank statements.Donations routed through  DAFs, delaying payment reconciliation as funds are mailed by check 1-2 times per month. Option to pay extra for ACH deposits.
Payment optionsPaypal, Venmo, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Credit card auto-updatingAutomatically update expired cards to prevent missed donations.
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Customer support

Our support team ensures your fundraising success from start to finish. We provide a personalized onboarding experience, offer building blocks and best practices, guide you through your daily tasks with help from expert fundraisers, and actively seek your feedback to improve our services.

The best part of DonorPerfect is the support service! They are always so friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the report that you need, process credit cards the best way, or change the screen around to make it more compatible. We are so glad we made this choice!”

– Brynne, Life Crisis Center

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