Compare DonorPerfect and Salesforce

Online Donation Forms

DonorPerfect’s allows you to create an unlimited number of mobile-friendly online forms with integrated donation processing so the data flows seamlessly into your donor records.

Salesforce offers donation forms through third-party providers at an additional cost.

Mobile App

DonorPerfect Mobile is available at no additional cost, providing access to constituent records and payment processing capabilities with a mobile card reader.

Salesforce includes its app only at higher pricing tiers.

Company Structure

DonorPerfect’s is 100% employee-owned so we answer to our clients, not to outside investors.

Salesforce is a public company that has investors and financial analysts tracking its quarterly earnings.

Pricing Model

DonorPerfect’s offers a robust fundraising and CRM feature set out of the box, with straightforward pricing based on record count. Additional features can be added anytime, both native to DonorPerfect and through the DonorPerfect partner network: a curated set of best-of-breed solutions that connect with

Salesforce makes a basic system available for free to nonprofits, but “free” is not the full story. Third-party apps and custom programming to set up the system for your organization will cost $5,000 – $10,000 up front, and costs escalate from there depending on your unique requirements. Ongoing maintenance and modifications of the system require the expertise of a Salesforce consultant or in-house staff. Features such as mass email and online donation forms are a la carte from third-party providers.

The Bottom Line

Salesforce is primarily a CRM tool for businesses that track leads and opportunities. It is designed to be customized by Salesforce administrators and programmers to meet almost any need for almost any organization in almost any industry. But the downside of that flexibility is the lack of focus on fundraising.

DonorPerfect is a specialized system built exclusively for fundraising and nonprofit management. The system can be completely tailored to you with no programming required. With the highest ratings in the donor management category, DonorPerfect offers a powerful alternative to Salesforce built specifically for nonprofits.

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