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Fundraising Activities

Everything you need to achieve the goals of your mission!

A complete suite of fundraising management tools is at your fingertips, ready to save you time and help run your campaigns more effectively and efficiently. From generating targeted solicitations to recording contacts with potential major donors, DonorPerfect provides the tools for communicating, tracking and managing your campaigns and results.

All you need to manage:

  • Annual Campaigns
  • Grants
  • Special Events
  • Volunteers
  • Telethons
  • Major Donor Cultivation
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Memberships
  • Planned Giving
  • Endowments
  • Direct Mail

One Database

One unified database for everyone.

Fundraising Management Data Source

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

DonorPerfect enables you to store and manage data for all your constituents – donors, volunteers, board members, event attendees, and more – in one database. This means not only tracking the type of relationship the constituents have to the organization, but also to each other. With sophisticated tools for linking related records, and coding and filtering donor attributes, you can have one centralized information resource that understands your donors’ relationships to your nonprofit and to each other.

Targeted Fundraising Efforts

Target the right people with the right solicitation. DonorPerfect enables you to select, filter or create lists based on any type of information you choose, such as recency and frequency of giving, who gave last year but not this year, unique data and more. More focused solicitations reap better results!

Personalized Communications

DonorPerfect makes personalizing all your communications quick and easy.

Merge Fundraising Letters

Merge the exact data you want into mailings, emails, faxes and more. Instantly produce personalized letters in Microsoft Word, or emails for one, all or selected constituents. You can also quickly create an export file of selected records for your mail house.

Professional email solicitations, newsletters and alerts

Create graphical (HTML) and text emails Create graphical (HTML) and text emails using over 400 design templates without any technical expertise. Then receive instant reporting on opens, bounce-backs and other critical measures. You can even collect email addresses from website visitors. Our partnership with a leading email provider means you get the benefits of an integrated solution while they handle the extremely important management of email opt-outs, relationships with Internet providers to ensure email delivery, CAN-SPAM law requirements, and more.

Donor Development

Nurture relationships with donors into a growing, lifetime commitment.

Fundraising Moves Management

Contact Management

Robust tracking and contact management features help identify prospects, set goals, assign solicitors, and carry out “moves” for targeted donors. Each set of actions (phone calls, emails, solicitations, letters, meetings, etc.) can be scheduled, with automated reminders. By assigning due dates, you can produce reminder lists to assist in your donor cultivation activities. This “to-do” list can even pop up each morning to remind you of follow-up activities.

Major Donor Cultivation

Typically, more than 80% of your donations come from less than 20% of your donors. With that in mind, DonorPerfect enables you to group contact activities into a concerted "moves management" effort to allow development staff to plan, coordinate and track cultivation efforts for these major donors.

Wealth Screening

Our powerful integration with state-of-the-art prospect research tools prospect research tools provides invaluable data on donor giving capacity from more than 27 top data sources (real estate holdings, pension and income data, philanthropic and biographical data, stock ownership, etc.)! Screen your donor database or find new prospects! This wealth scoring data can be easily stored in DonorPerfect for reporting and segmenting so you can target the right message to the right donor, and find the appropriate "Ask" levels for solicitations.

Event Management

Special Events Made Easy!

Special Fundraising Events

DonorPerfect provides useful />event tools and reports event tools and reports without the need to purchase add-on software! This module streamlines event preparation, management, and reporting that will allow you to:

  • Manage various types of events (e.g., dinners, auctions, golf outings, etc.)
  • Track event-related expenses
  • Produce invitations and track invitation history
  • Process payments
  • Organize silent auctions and winning bids
  • Handle table sponsorships and complimentary tickets
  • Collect detailed attendee and guest information
  • Coordinate table and team assignments
  • Analyze response rates and generated income

Online Donations

Increase donations and memberships, and collect donor information with
secure online forms.

Online Donation Form

WebLink is our system for creating and managing virtually any type of online form - personalized to collect exactly the data you want, including secure credit card and bank draft processing for payments. Collected data is easily reviewed through WebLink's administrative tools, and then imported into DonorPerfect or any database you choose.

Online Entry Forms for:

  • Donations and gifts
  • Memberships
  • Volunteers
  • Event sign-ups
  • Fundraising item sales
  • Information requests

Social Network Fundraising

Empower constituents to raise money and awareness for your mission.

Online Fundraising Webpage

DonorPages is an easy-to-use online system that supporters can use to create personalized fundraising web pages supporting your cause or event, and even ask for donations on your behalf. Donors and volunteers reach out to family, co-workers and more via email, or use links placed on social network sites like MySpace or Facebook. These personal appeals are far more likely to be successful. Perfect for sponsored events (walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons, etc.), memorials and tributes, and capital campaigns.