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Donor Management & QuickBooks Accounting!

QuickBooks Integration

DonorPerfect’s Accounting Interface Module enables nonprofits to integrate DonorPerfect Online and DonorPerfect Installed with the latest installed versions of QuickBooks® Pro and Premier®.


  • Gift transactions are summarized by General Ledger Codes and posted automatically to QuickBooks.
  • Saves time and reduces errors by eliminating the need to enter data twice.
  • Creates journal entries and transfers transaction detail.
  • Use QuickBooks to manage expenses, financial statements and non-donor revenue while benefiting from DonorPerfect’s specialized features for managing donor information, gifts and pledges.

QuickBooks Gold Developer

DonorPerfect is certified by QuickBooks as a Gold Developer – the highest level of certification!


DonorPerfect Product Rating (10.0 is Perfect)*
Overall Score: 8.91 (Excellent)
Ease of Use and Reliability: 8.59 (Excellent)
Technical Support/Overall Quality: 8.8 (Excellent)
Customer Willing to Recommend: 9.33 (Spectacular)

*Results are from survey of DonorPerfect clients, conducted by Decipher, Inc., on behalf of Intuit.

What does that mean?

  • DonorPerfect has been tested to meet Intuit’s standards for quality and integration.
  • Independently surveyed clients gave us an overall ranking of "Excellent," and client willingness to recommend DonorPerfect is rated "Spectacular!"
  • An independent industry expert reviewed our software features, ease of use, and more and rated us “Spectacular” overall!