Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada uses DonorPages

Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada uses DonorPages’ flexibility to promote their brand and increase active donors!

Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada provides developmental programs for girls from 5 to 17 years old. Through Girl Scouts, girls discover their leadership potential with increased self-confidence, creative decision-making skills, and teamwork.

Business Challenge and Solution

Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada were looking for an online fundraising component that would help reach donors beyond their base. It needed to very flexible visually, to keep consistent with their Girl Scout brand and multiple campaign and event themes. They chose DonorPages to promote friend-to-friend fundraising.

DonorPages makes it easy to create sites for campaigns and events.

  • The 2011 Campership site incorporates multiple logos, banner ads & custom buttons
  • The Camp Champion Challenge site lists different themed camps
  • The Family Partnership site displays a video & includes materials & guidance under the Leader Toolkit in the menu

Emily Smith, Chief Marketing & Development Officer, explains, “When I joined Girl Scouts, we had multiple databases containing donor information. The need for a donor database was clear, but cost was an important factor. We looked at a number of programs including BlackBaud and Kintera, but DonorPerfect offered the most capabilities at the best price. When DonorPages was added, we were thrilled! The addition of friend-to-friend fundraising capabilities integrating with our donor database is like a dream come true!”

Another important factor was DonorPages’ flexible design capabilities. “Branding is a huge piece of our marketing and development efforts,” says Emily. “We’re able to customize DonorPages very easily.”

Girls Scout Case Study - Nonprofit Succeeds with DonorPerfect

Renee Guglielmetti, Development Manager, explains further, “We can make DonorPages match well with our postcards, print and other media marketing materials. Our designer simply converts the graphics for the header, custom donation and registration buttons and banner ads. It works really well!”

DonorPages is simple for non-designers to use. “DonorPages is absolutely easy to catch on for tech-challenged people like me! We have great support through DonorPerfect and DonorPages!”

Key Results

“We chose a small campaign for our first time using DonorPages.” says Emily. “Our campership campaign typically raises about $10,000. With DonorPages we brought in $12,000, a 20% increase! The biggest plus was we could devote more staff time to donor stewardship while our friend-to-friend network solicited additional donations.”

Supporter reaction: “At first people weren’t sure, but then they said ‘I didn’t know it was going to be so easy! Supporters are very encouraged by the responses they get, and sharing pages via FaceBook is really cool!”

Emily adds, “A few days after we set up our DonorPages site, my iPhone started receiving donation notifications from a board member’s page. It’s like having an online storefront, 24 hours a day. Pretty exciting!”

The girls who benefited from the camp scholarships also helped. According to Emily, “Donors loved the thank-you postcards they received from girls at camp. One donor told our board member to definitely contact her again next year. When donors are properly stewarded, our attrition rate goes down.”

Encouraged by their success, they decided to try an event. “The Thin Mint Sprint was put together in just 3 months.” according to Renee. “Most people registered through DonorPages and the event brought in about 250 new donors.” Adds Emily, “With the addition of DonorPages we are about to surpass our 2010 total active donor count and we’re just ending our 2nd quarter! This gives us a wider base of people to follow-up with and cultivate.”

How pleased are they with their integrated fundraising system? Says Emily, “What I love best about DonorPerfect is it can easily be customized. If we decide on Tuesday morning that we need a new field or code to track information, we can add that field to the system – and with no additional cost or wait on an IT person, we can be tracking that information by Tuesday afternoon! And DonorPages allows our team more time to steward donors while encouraging current supporters to reach out to new ones. That’s really the critical piece for us.”

DonorPages - Nonprofit fundraising online - screenshot
DonorPages - screenshot

DonorPages makes it easy to continue consistent branding between GSSN’s own website (left) and their Donorpages site (right).

Nonprofit using DonorPerfect's fundraising growth platform: success case

Key results:

  • Able to keep campaign branding consistent with print materials and other media
  • Surpassed event goal amount by 20%
  • Nearly matched total 2010 active donor levels in just first two quarters of 2011
  • Reduced campaign donor attrition rate

Business Challenge

Find a flexible friend-to-friend fundraising solution to help expand their active donor base, save staff time, and integrate with DonorPerfect Online.


DonorPages Social Network Fundraising and DonorPerfect Fundraising Software


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