How to Launch a Giving Tuesday Crowdfunding Campaign

How to Launch a Giving Tuesday Crowdfunding Campaign

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Every day, people all over the world set up crowdfunding campaigns to support all kinds of people, causes, and organizations. Why not leverage the power of crowdfunding for your organization on the most philanthropic social media holiday of the year?

By creating a Giving Tuesday Ambassador Program, you can empower all the people who support your cause to raise money on your organization’s behalf through crowdfunding. Here’s how you can quickly and easily build a community around your Giving Tuesday campaign that will accelerate its success.

Set Up a Crowdfunding Page for Your Organization

Forget about GoFundMe. Crowdfunding tools like DonorPerfect Crowdfunding are specially designed for nonprofits, so the differences between the two will certainly matter to you. DonorPerfect Crowdfunding enables your organization to:

Invite donors to create their own fundraisers right from your campaign page.
Monitor giving on organization and donor pages with a progress meter.
Collect and record all donor data from organization and individual fundraisers for resolicitation.
Automatically send gift and donor data into DonorPerfect through its full integration.

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Promote Your Giving Tuesday Ambassador Program with These Email Templates

Invite your supporters to power your Giving Tuesday campaign by serving as digital promoters for your organization for a day. The templates below are tailored to several types of people who care about your cause all year long.

Get set the easy way by requesting your free Giving Tuesday templates kit. Click here and we’ll send all the templates you need before, on, and beyond the big day right to your inbox!

Giving Tuesday Ambassador Invitations

To: Board Members
Subject Line: Be a [CAMPAIGN NAME] [Example: Giving Foods-Day] Ambassador: Here’s Your Crowdfunding Kit!

Giving Tuesday Ambassador Invite to boar members template mockup

To: Donors
Subject Line: Be a [CAMPAIGN NAME] [Example: Giving Foods-Day] Ambassador: Here’s Your Crowdfunding Kit!

Giving Tuesday Ambassador Invite to donors template mockup

To: Schools
Subject Line: Your students are invited to become Giving Tuesday Ambassadors for an awesome cause!

Giving Tuesday Ambassador Invite to schools template mockup

Equip Your Supporters with These Crowdfunding Email and Social Media Templates

Instead of hoping that your Giving Tuesday ambassadors will know what to say, give them these templates so they can get started spreading the word about your campaign right away.

In your email invitation, you’ll want to give your new ambassadors the ability to create their own crowdfunding pages, email templates, and social media captions and graphics that will help your campaign stand out on their social feeds.

Lucky for you, we’ve created some free templates to help you get your Giving Tuesday Ambassador Program off the ground in a flash.

Email Template for Crowdfunders

Subject Line: Please support my Giving Tuesday fundraiser for [ORGANIZATION NAME] [Example: Coral Acres Food Pantry]

Giving Tuesday email template mockup for crowdfunders

Social Media Templates for Crowdfunders

Provide your Giving Tuesday Ambassadors with an eye-catching image that shows just what you mean when you say your organization’s mission. Add a text overlay with a call to action like:
Support My Giving Tuesday Fundraiser!
Join Me for Giving Tuesday!
Give to [ORGANIZATION NAME] [Example: Coral Acres Food Pantry] for Giving Tuesday!

Crowdfunding Campaign Announcement

Giving Tuesday social media template - crowdfunding campaign announcement

Crowdfunding Campaign Update

Screenshot of social media crowdfunding post

Crowdfunding Campaign Last Call

Giving Tuesday social media template - crowdfunding campaign last call

Remind Your Ambassadors Before the Big Day

Check in with your supporters the week before Giving Tuesday to remind them about your Giving Tuesday Ambassador Program. To make their setup swift and easy, provide them with the link to your organization’s crowdfunding page and the email and social media attachments you included in your initial invitation. That way, everything they need to get started is in one place and at the top of their inbox.

In addition to email and social media collateral, you should also consider letting your supporters know how many ambassadors have created crowdfunding pages so far, and how many more you’d like to recruit by the big day in order to help you reach your overall Giving Tuesday goal.

Send a final push the morning of Giving Tuesday.

On Giving Tuesday, engage with your ambassadors by retweeting, sharing, and liking their posts as they champion your campaign throughout the day.

Don’t Forget to Personally Thank Your Ambassadors for Their Contributions

Acknowledging the time, effort, and enthusiasm of all the supporters who took action on Giving Tuesday is vitally important, especially if you’re hoping they’ll make this a yearly tradition. Use this email template to let your Giving Tuesday Ambassadors know just how much their participation means to your organization.
Subject Line: Giving Tuesday was a success thanks to YOU!

Giving Tuesday thank you email template mockup

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