How to Create a D.I.Y. Fundraising Video

How to Create a D.I.Y. Fundraising Video

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Did you know that 57% of people who watch a nonprofit video go on to donate? With a number like that, adding a video to your Giving Tuesday campaign is well worth the effort. But when we say effort, we don’t mean a fancy camera or professional production crew. All you need is your smartphone, your story, and the wonderful, ever camera-ready YOU!

Check out the video tutorial and helpful tips below to get started

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7 Tips for Creating a Successful DIY Fundraising Video

Fundraising Video Tip #1. Use the resources you have.

You don’t need to be a producer to create quality video content that will resonate with your nonprofit’s supporters and their social networks. Whether you’re able to work on-site or you’re making it work from home, all you need to create your fundraising video is a smartphone. In fact, the not-so-highly-produced video you create may even come across as more authentic and relatable.

Fundraising Video Tip #2. Keep it short.

Let’s face it, human attention spans are not what they used to be. Even though the world is currently at home and without their regular daily routines, it still holds true that you’ve got about 30-60 seconds to get your message across.

Fundraising Video Tip #3. Download a video editing app.

Short attention spans not only require short video lengths, but a fast-paced, constantly moving picture. Instead of focusing on one subject,break up your video with simple editing tools that you can use for free.

(Note: Some tools are only free for a limited amount of time. Fortunately, making your video will be so quick that the time limit won’t be a barrier for you.)

Not sure if the tool will be easy to use? Take it from me! Creating the video above took about 20 minutes with the help of a free app called Splice (for Apple devices).

Pro tip: 92% of viewers watch videos with the sound off. Consider using an app that adds closed captioning for you.

Fundraising Video Tip #4. Tell your story.

What drives you to create the positive impact you make every day? Your audience wants to know what your mission means to you personally. According to cognitive scientist, Jerome Bruner, telling them in a story format will make your overall message 22 times more memorable.

Fundraising Video Tip #5. Show your impact.

Remember that your video will be shared and seen by many who are unfamiliar with the good work your nonprofit does, so be sure to give a short introduction to what your mission is and what makes it unique. Brief the audience about your programs and the specific progress you’ve made to build trust in those engaging with your organization for the first time.

Repurpose videos and pictures.

You’ll notice in my video that there are transitions to multiple forms of media, such as photos and videos, clearly shot at another time. In an app like Splice, you can add anything from your phone’s library to your video with slick transitions and uniform audio throughout.

Dig up some compelling media from your website or footage you’ve taken on the job that clearly illustrates your mission in action. Perhaps include footage of your facility or, if appropriate, powerful images of the population you serve.

Pro tip: If you’re unsure how to obtain a video file from your organization but know how to view it online, that’s all you need. Record your screen on an Apple device or Android to save a video to your Photo Library. That way, it can be easily accessed and used in your video editing tool.

(Note: Be sure that you or your organization are the owners of the video you record to avoid copyright infringement!)

Fundraising Video Tip #6. Make your call to action clear.

Tell your audience just how easy it is for them to participate in your Giving Tuesday campaign. Providing scalable, tangible goals will help them to visualize how their donation will be spent and prompt a more specific and immediate action.

For example: “Your Giving Tuesday donation of $25 will provide a homeless dog with a two-month supply of food. Give now to help us reach our goal of feeding 100 dogs in our care this winter.”

Make the above statement the last segment of your video so your audience knows just what to do after being inspired by your message.

Fundraising Video Tip #7. Share your video far and wide.

What’s nice about videos made on your phone is that they’re just as easy to post to your social media platforms as anything else you’d post. You should also consider uploading your video to YouTube or Vimeo and including it in other parts of your Giving Tuesday campaign, like your emails and crowdfunding page.

Some quick pointers:
If you use an email marketing tool like Constant Contact, you can include a link to your video in the call to action button of your email and track your recipients’ engagement.

By adding video to your organization’s crowdfunding page, NonProfit Source shares that you may raise up to 4 times as many donations! DonorPerfect Crowdfunding forms allow you to drop video links right onto the top of your page with ease.

Take it a Step Further with a Thank-You Video

If you use a solution like CauseVid, you can delight your donors with a thank-you video that’s branded for your organization and delivered right to their email inboxes.

Finally, get excited for D.I.Y. video and know that it will have an impact. You may not be Steven Spielberg, but the authenticity of your homemade, heartfelt video will speak to the passion you have for your mission.

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