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Congress Plus is a grassroots advocacy and government relations platform that assists organizations of all sizes with legislation tracking and campaign management. Its key features include advocate management, legislator engagement, legislative intelligence and relationship tracking.


  • Bi-Directional contact updates between DonorPerfect and Congress Plus
  • Mobilize your donors to become advocates. Advocacy campaigns can be directed to federal, state and local lawmakers, the media and regulators.
  • Embed a legislative action center seamlessly in your website to allow your members to lookup their legislators, find information about upcoming elections and see what legislation you’re tracking.
  • Recruit more donors via advocacy campaigns.
  • Conduct email and text messaging outreach to your donors.
  • Match your donors to legislative districts and use advanced filtering to conduct outreach to specific legislators.


  • Connect advocates to lawmakers in Congress and all 50 states by phone, email, Facebook and Twitter. Reach regulators. Send letters to the editor to local media outlets. Learn about candidates in upcoming elections and more.
  • Engage with lawmakers by sending emails to staff on Capitol Hill and state lawmakers.
  • Track performance with in-depth out of the box reports.
  • Reach your supporters quickly by email and text message for calls to action and recruit advocates via SMS keywords.
  • Learn about new legislation you care about as it’s introduced. Be notified when legislators are talking about your issues in social media and press releases. Stay on top of upcoming committee hearings, townhall meetings and staff changes on the Hill.
  • Advanced tracking and filtering tools to identify lawmakers that share your position on the issues.
  • Stress free fly-in and event management.
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About: Congress Plus, by The Soft Edge, is a powerful government relations and advocacy platform designed to empower you and your advocates.

Category: Advocacy

Country Availability: United States + Canada

Integration Type: Bi-Directional API

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