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Category: Education

Country Availability: Canada, United Kingdom, United States

Integration Type: One-Direction API

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Rediker Software's mission is to help PK-12 educators spend less time with data and more time with students. Our student management technology solutions offer schools many advantages, including interoperability, school-to-home communication, mobile access, and data analytics and reporting.

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  • Streamline administrative tasks to save time and money
  • Support online learning and family communication
  • Manage student data with mobile apps
  • Interoperability and customization
  • Online applications and virtual enrollment


Cloud-based, integrated student information system

Online admissions and enrollment

Mobile-ready, web gradebooks

Web portals for teachers, students and parents

Report cards with skills and standards

School data analytics and visualization tools

Additional Features

  • Powerful schedule-building software, including master schedules for high schools
  • Classroom observations and walkthroughs

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