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DonorSearch helps nonprofits discover major donors in their network. Through comprehensive prospect screenings that reveal both giving capacity and history, DonorSearch enriches donor profiles by displaying valuable wealth data directly on DonorPerfect screens and reports.


  • Identify major donors in your network
  • Target tailored major gift solicitations to the right constituents
  • Gauge the appropriate ask amount
  • Run DonorPerfect reports to segment based on giving capacity


Major donor marketing lists

  • Find donors who are interested in your cause via DonorSearch filters
  • Filters include wealth history, affinity, interests and geography
  • Import lists into DonorPerfect for prospecting and solicitation

ProspectView Screening

Automated batch screening includes:

  • Single-batch screening for prospective donors
  • RFM analysis of your relationship with each prospect
  • Philanthropic review
  • Complete wealth review
  • Data verification process
  • Prospect scoring based on likelihood of giving

ProspectView Online

Prospect record screening reveals:

  • Detailed wealth information and giving capacity
  • Philanthropic activity that shows past giving
  • Nonprofit affiliations
  • Additional prospects to solicit

New! Goal-based AI predictions

DonorSearch’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) prospect scores offer precise, data-driven predictions to identify the most promising donors for your organization, customized to your unique goals. These scores enhance the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts, ensuring you engage with the right supporters and maximize your impact.

Acquisition model: Ever wondered which prospects are most likely to make their first donation? DonorSearch’s AI can help you pinpoint those promising supporters who are ready to make that first-time gift.

Retention model: We’ve got your back when it comes to retaining donors. This prospect score will identify those first-time donors who are most likely to give again and again.

Upgrades model: Looking for generous supporters? The upgrade prospect score can predict which existing donors are most likely to make a substantial one-time gift of at least $250.

Fast Facts

About: DonorSearch offers the most comprehensive prospect and wealth screenings to reveal major donors’ giving capacity, giving history, and more.

Category: Prospect Research

Country Availability: United States

Integration Type: Bi-Directional API

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