Monthly Giving Calculator

Monthly Giving Calculator

And how to convince your team to start a recurring donor program

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How to convince your team to start a recurring donor program

From working with organizations of all sizes, we know that many fundraising decisions are made by your board or others at your organization. So here are three powerful resources to help them understand the principles of recurring and monthly giving.

1. Monthly giving calculator

The Monthly Giving Calculator (also known as the Monthly Donor Calculator) shows the impact that converting just 3-15% of your donors would have on your organization – a conservative but reasonable range. We are even seeing organizations with up to 60% of their donors giving monthly!

Monthly Giving Calculator

Enter the Number of Active Donors and Average Monthly Pledge Amount below to calculate your estimated monthly giving revenue.

Note, this calculator is prepared to be an indicator of the potential for monthly donors using the numbers in your database. This does not include cost and does not take donor attritition into account.

Calculation Results

Conversion Percentage 3% 5% 9% 12% 15%
Number of Monthly Donors
Monthly Revenue
Annual Revenue

2. Retention rate statistics

According to fundraising professor Adrian Sargeant, increasing your donor retention rate by 10% will double the lifetime value of your donors! While you can’t convert everybody to monthly donors, even a conversion of 10% means a major increase in retention.

3. Average revenue increase

Monthly giving generates more money from your existing donors, because they tend to give more annually. In a research study by Third Space Studio, organizations with budgets of less than $2,000,000 report recurring donors giving $625 annually! If you’re able to bring a donor from $200 a year to $625, they’re not far from becoming a major donor at $1,000 or more. Plus, they will still be able to give to other appeals, and it’s been demonstrated that one in six recurring donors remembers the organization in their will.

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A monthly giving program paves the way for improved donor retention, increased annual revenue, and easier decision-making. We joined forces with monthly giving expert Erica Waasdorp to create the free Monthly Giving Success Kit so you can take the first step with confidence.

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