DonorPerfect Fundraising Growth Platform

DonorPerfect Donor Management & QuickBooks Accounting

The Perfect Pairing for Nonprofit Professionals

With a seamless integration to QuickBooks® Online and Desktop, DonorPerfect™ fundraising software offers nonprofit organizations a complete solution for donor management plus and QuickBooks accounting. Nonprofit professionals can save time and work more efficiently by allowing DonorPerfect and QuickBooks to work together as integrated, best-of-breed solutions.

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With DonorPerfect Fundraising Software and QuickBooks, you can:

  • Save time and reduce errors by eliminating the need to enter data twice.
  • Manage expenses, financial statements and non-donor revenue with QuickBooks while benefiting from DonorPerfect’s specialized features for managing donor information, gifts, and pledges.
  • Benefit from the many powerful financial reports available in both DonorPerfect and QuickBooks.
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Why Choose DonorPerfect?

From online giving solutions with integrated payment processing to email marketing tools and custom reporting, DonorPerfect empowers your team to work better together on a single platform, learn what makes your donors give, and cultivate important relationships that will make your mission a reality.

Designed to help your organization grow, DonorPerfect’s core CRM system expands to incorporate growth tracks like online fundraising, donor engagement, fundraising events, donor retention, and more.

Use DonorPerfect to:

  • Post gifts from DonorPerfect to QuickBooks
  • View a history of posted gifts
  • Customize how your gifts post to QuickBooks
  • Link DonorPerfect general ledgers to QuickBooks income accounts