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Quickbooks computer mockup

DonorPerfect joins QuickBooks Solution Provider Program as an official reseller

Nonprofits using or considering DonorPerfect CRM, created by SofterWare, can now strengthen the donor management platform by integrating world-class, cloud-based …
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Stock Investments

DonateStock and DonorPerfect Partner for Fundraising Success

DATE: February 27, 2023 HOUSTON, DonorPerfect has partnered with DonateStock to help thousands of nonprofits access and grow charitable stock …
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New DonorPerfect Online Forms Now Integrate with PayPal and Venmo

New DonorPerfect Online Forms Now Integrate with PayPal and Venmo Allowing digital donations reduces checkout friction and increases conversions, studies …
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DonorPerfect on social media

At DonorPerfect, we specialize in software that helps people help others. We support nonprofit organizations and empower them to achieve their fundraising potential. As one of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Top Workplaces, DonorPerfect encourages a culture of camaraderie and connection between our staff and our community.

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A nonprofit leader presenting to coworkers.

7 Nonprofit Leadership Red Flags & How to Turn Them Green

As nonprofit leaders, you have the incredible opportunity to enact positive change and leave a lasting impact on your communities …
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A person using 2 factor authentication on their laptop and their phone.

Keep Your Donors’ Data Safe with These 5 Steps

You have the privilege of serving your community through your mission. As a leader who serves others, you have countless …
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DonorPerfect Newsroom

Monthly Giving Wisdom from the Crowd

Expert trainers and fundraisers using DonorPerfect share ideas and recurring giving success stories One of the perks of being a …
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