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Release Announcement: 7 Tributes Changes You Need to Know

DonorPerfect's new Tributes feature makes it easier to manage tributes, track donations, sending timely notifications, add recipients and more!

As a nonprofit, you know how important it is to track all types of donations accurately and efficiently. This is especially true with tribute gifts. It requires an extra level of sensitivity and attention to manage tributes. Our new Tributes feature, being released on Thursday, May 12th, makes it easier to track tribute donations and send timely, personalized notifications acknowledging them. Here’s what you need to know about managing tributes:

7 Tributes Changes You Need to Know

1. One Central Place to Manage Tributes

There’s no more Tributes tab in each donor’s record. To manage tributes, click the Settings/Gear icon and select Tributes.

2. Tribute Gifts are Integrated Into Daily Tasks

Easily create a tribute, apply a gift to a tribute or add recipients right on the Gift Entry or Batch 2.0 screens. Manage tributes right where you are!

Take a tour of the new Tributes in this short video!

3. Previous Tribute Gifts Will Be Migrated

Previous tribute gifts entered using the Tributes tab will automatically move over to a tribute listed in the main Tributes screen. (For best results, process all pending notifications before the release on Thursday 5/12.) Legacy tribute gifts entered by filling out the GFNAME and GLNAME fields will still appear as read-only on the Gift screen. Clicking the Apply to a Tribute button will apply these legacy gifts to an existing tribute or create a tribute if it doesn’t exist.

4. WebLink Automatically Creates the Tribute and Notification Records

We’ve provided a true end-to-end solution to manage tributes. Data your donors enter into any WebLink Online Forms maps directly to DonorPerfect fields when downloaded. It automatically creates the Tribute (if needed), applies the donor’s gift to the tribute and creates the notification record.

5. Expanded Notification Options

In addition to adding a single recipient for all gifts applied to a tribute, you can add recipients who are only notified for one specific gift or add multiple recipients to a single tribute. You can also apply one gift to multiple tributes.

6. Receipting is (a Little) Easier

Once you’ve applied a gift to a tribute, DonorPerfect assigns the value of Notification Letter to the Thank-You letter field for the notification record. This makes it easier when performing the receipting process since Notification Letters will be designated from other types of Thank-You Letters. Look for more improvements to the entire Notification process later this year.

7. Export Tributes Information with Ease

Exporting tribute information to publicize in your newsletters and website is easy! Simply click the Gift/Tribute Export link from the main Tributes screen, then click the Export to CSV button to export all tributes. You can also export gifts for a specific tribute only by clicking the link in the Gift Details column.

Our Best Tips to Prepare for Tributes Changes

Make your transition to the new Tributes feature as successful as possible by following these important steps:

Release Notes

Read about additional enhancements and fixes for this release in the DonorPerfect 2016 Release Notes in our DonorPerfect Community Knowledgebase.

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  1. I cannot attend today's webinar on Tributes. Please schedule another one, preferably before noon later this week. Thank you.
  2. will you please have this webinar again? I was unable to attend. Thank you!
  3. I missed today's webinar, but I appreciate this addition, as it will be very helpful! Did you record the webinar so that those of us who missed it can listen? Thank you!
  4. When a new record is being created because this person is the one being acknowledged for a tribute, is there anything identifying them as such on their new record so it isn't deleted by mistake? We clean out old inactive records on an on going bases - I need to know what to look for on these types of records. We acknowledge people manually with cards not letters from donor.
    • Hi Paula, You will be able to tell that a constituent is a Tribute recipient because they will have a gift with a record type of "N" on their gift tab. There is an idea that was submitted to Suggest & Vote to add Donor Type to the "No, Add As New" pop-out so that you would be able to designate the new record as a Recipient or in any other way that you desire. You can see and vote on the idea here.

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