Process all your refunds and voids from right within DonorPerfect. Easily reconcile adjusted gifts and provide an audit trail report to your accountant. Have you ever had a donor ask for some or all of their money back because they are no longer able to attend an event? Or maybe you’ve entered a credit card gift in DonorPerfect, and then realized you put in the wrong amount? The process to issue a refund or void for your adjusted gifts used to involve making changes in several places with no easy way to track your changes for reconciliation. You asked us for a better way and it’s coming! Over the next month or so, we’ll be rolling out our Adjustments feature that will streamline your refund/void process. You’ll never need to leave DonorPerfect again to refund or void credit card and echeck transactions. (WOOT!) Even better, this new process creates an audit trail of any gift amount changes, which makes reconciling DonorPerfect with the Gateway and other financial systems a breeze.  

How to Adjust a Gift

Once you enter a gift, the gift amount field becomes read-only. Follow these steps if you need to adjust a gift after entering and saving it.
  1. Click the Edit icon next to the gift on the Donor’s Gifts tab.
  2. Click Adjust Gift or click the Edit icon next to the Gift Amount field.
  3. Enter the new gift amount, along with any notes about the reason for the change and apply the adjustment.
Once you enter a gift, the gift amount field becomes read-only. Click the edit icon next to the gift amount field to adjust gifts.  

Easily Track Adjusted Gifts

To track adjusted gifts, run the Adjusted Gifts Report in the Financial Reports folder in Report Center. The Adjusted Gifts Report provides an audit trail to track changes to adjusted or voided transactions including the date, type of gift, General Ledger code and donor name.  

See Adjustments in Action! Attend Our FREE Adjustments Webinar

Want to learn how to adjust a gift and issue a void or refund using the new Adjustments feature? Plan to attend our FREE live webinar on Tuesday, September 19th from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT. Register for the Adjustments Webinar  

Release Notes

Read about all the 2017.10 enhancements and fixes in the DonorPerfect 2017.10 Release Notes.
by Stephanie Kanak

Sep 12 17
  1. Rebecca W. permalink

    Will the Adjustments feature eventually allow for a gift to be moved from one record to another? If I accidentally enter a gift in the wrong donor record, it would be super convenient to just transfer the gift to the right donor rather than deleting and recreating the gift! 🙂

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