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Meet the DonorPerfect Mobile App

DonorPerfect Mobile App Screenshot

DP Mobile App for iPhones and Android

I have to admit, I love our new DP Mobile App for DonorPerfect Fundraising Software.  While I might be a bit prejudiced, please let me explain.

Currently I sit on the board of a number of small nonprofit organizations, and one of them is Warrington Youth Baseball.  We serve about 400 families representing over 750 children in our Cal Ripken affiliated youth baseball league.

Since we receive little to no money from local government, it’s up to us to raise money to pay for things like field maintenance (including cutting the grass), baseballs, equipment, and umpires.  We have a total budget of around $175,000, zero paid staff, and are constantly looking for ways to save time and raise more money.

That’s where DonorPerfect comes in.  Warrington Youth Baseball uses DonorPerfect, and all of our sponsorship and fundraising is tracked in the system.  Best of all, our new DP Mobile app gives our board members instant access to all of our constituents- all in the palm of their hand.  This benefit is critical because we are constantly coordinating and communicating with each other, and the app makes it simple to look up records, make phone calls, and record contacts.

In fact, it’s so fast and simple, I use the DP Mobile App even if I am in front of a computer!  Why?  Because it’s faster and saves time.  Since the DP Mobile App remembers my login credentials, I’m only 2 taps away from seeing a constituent record.  And because it’s on my phone, I can then call or email with a simple tap- it’s that easy.

Unlike some other companies’ ‘pseudo-apps’, DP Mobile is a true App available for download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Marketplace.  This means that the application has been vetted by Apple and Google, and can take advantage of the native functions of your smart phone, including phone, email, camera functions, and even GPS capabilities.  Finally, because it is a true app, your login credentials are saved, making it much faster to look up donors, view their giving history, make phone calls, send email, etc.

Best of all, DP Mobile is FREE to all current DPO clients.  In addition, there are NO per user charges!  This means that you can have unlimited, controlled access for your board members, and even volunteers.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Having been involved in non profit technology for over 16 years, the DP Mobile App is a revolutionary technology.  In fact, here’s a time line of the quantum leaps in nonprofit technology for DonorPerfect:

  • 1985 – DonorPerfect 1.0 (DOS Based system)
  • 1994 – DonorPerfect Windows (1st graphical user interface)
  • 1998 – DonorPerfect Visual Edition (For Windows 98, 32 bit computers)
  • 2001 – DonorPerfect Online Released (One of the first SaaS providers)
  • 2005 – DonorPerfect WebLink and Online Donations (We just received our 1st US Patent for this)
  • 2012 – DP Mobile (Access to your donors on your smartphone)
  • 2016 – ???????

So what will the future bring?  I’m not sure.  But one thing I do know is that the future is guaranteed to change.

We are proud to continue our tradition of providing leading edge technology services for the nonprofit marketplace.  The other guys’ technology is old, dated, stale, and costs a fortune.

In business, this is called disruptive technology, and our growth results are showing it’s working!

If you want to see the future today, simply contact us and you can see a demonstration for yourself.

Written by Amanda Foran
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