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DPMobile Release Announcement: Add Donors and Accept Payments With Ease

DPMobile Release Announcement: Add Donors and Accept Payments with Ease DPMobile 3.2.3 released for iOS devices on the iTunes App Store earlier today. It includes the ability to add new donors to DonorPerfect from your mobile device. We’ve also improved the reliability of our card readers, and updated the look and feel of email receipts. Additionally, DPMobile’s security was improved by allowing special characters in usernames and passwords.

Add Donors Using Your Mobile Device

Now, you don’t have to wait to get back to the office to add a new donor after a visit! Simply tap Add Donor, enter some basic contact information and tap Continue. The system will check to see if the donor already exists. If so, you can select them and add your contact to their record. If not, add the donor by tapping Save As New in the upper right hand corner and you’re ready to log your contacts. DPMobile Online Troubleshooting Guide

Accept Payments With Ease

We get it. Events are stressful. You’ve got a million things to do and need an easy way to accept payments. We’ve worked hard during this release to make swiping payments even more reliable. Automatic error checking now warns you of a potential problem when inserting a card reader. Need help with your card reader? There’s a new troubleshooting guide right within the app. In fact, the DPMobile Troubleshooting Guide is a great pre-event resource to train event volunteers. They can watch our short video of how to use the card reader, see pictures of how to install it and read troubleshooting tips. Plus, they’ll always know where to find help during your event instead of coming to you.

What Else Is New in DPMobile?

To see the entire list of changes for the DPMobile 3.2.3 release, please visit DPMobile 2016 Release Notes in our Knowledgebase.
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