Access the critical fundraising data you need and provide an audit trail for payments using DPMobile, the mobile fundraising app companion to DonorPerfect.

As a fundraiser, having access to your DonorPerfect system from your iPhone, iPad and Android devices is an essential part of your fundraising toolkit. With this week’s release of DPMobile, it’s even easier to access the critical data you need and have it provide the same level of verification as DonorPerfect does in our mobile fundraising app.


Audit Trail for Voided Mobile Fundraising App Transactions

Have you ever entered a credit card gift or event payment using DPMobile and then realized it was the wrong amount? While you did have the ability to void an unsettled gift in DPMobile, it didn’t provide an audit trail of the changes, nor did it send any verification emails to the donor. It simply deleted the gift from DonorPerfect. Now DPMobile provides you with the same audit trail you enjoy with other DonorPerfect transaction adjustments! Voided DPMobile transactions now have an audit trail for seamless reconciliation with DonorPerfect and the Gateway. Plus, when a payment is refunded via our mobile fundraising app, your donors will receive an email confirmation message verifying the amount.

Need more info? Check out How to Void a Mobile Payment in DPMobile for step by step instructions.


Multiple Copies of the Donor Receipt

Do you need more than one copy of the donor’s receipt sent to you or a staff member? Now you can receive a duplicate copy, for up to 3 email addresses, of the Donor’s receipt for the payments you process via DPMobile. (Thanks for the great idea in Suggest and Vote!)

To configure this, go to Settings > Receipt Options. After you Toggle Send Copy of Receipt? to ON and enter the staff email addresses in the Copy Receipt To field. Each email copy is sent as a blind copy or BCC.

Receive a duplicate copy, for up to 3 email addresses, of the Donor's receipt for the payments you process via our mobile fundraising app, DPMobile.

TIP: Did you know you can customize the email donation receipt that DPMobile sends?


Usability Improvements

We’re always working to improve the look and feel of our products. This is critical for any mobile fundraising app. We strive to make DPMobile as easy to use as possible. This week’s release of DPMobile does that in several ways. We’ve added a new calendar tool that makes it easier to select a date for Donor Information fields and reports. In a hurry? Just click the payment status indicator in the upper right side of your screen to process a new transaction. Entering donor information is much easier too. Now you can quickly know if a field is editable, read-only or a drop down field. You can also add/remove items from a multi-select field.

DPMobile's new calendar tool makes it easier to select a date for donor information fields and reports when using our mobile fundraising app.


Release Notes

Want the latest DPMobile features? Download the newest version of our DPMobile fundraising app for iOS or Android. Read about all of the enhancements and fixes in the DPMobile 2018.02 Release Notes in the Knowledgebase in DP Community.


Apr 12 18
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