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Donor-Advised Funds: Raise More Through Charity’s Growing Trend

Graph showing Donor-Advised Funds

The latest buzz in the nonprofit world is one that can benefit your organization in a very big way!

Donor-advised funds are increasingly becoming a go-to way to give, because they offer a convenient way for donors to get a tax write-off now and donate later.

Rising in popularity, they’ve recently made headlines thanks to the likes of football star Troy Aikman joining the ranks of philanthropists who are leveraging this giving method for all kinds of wonderful causes. According to United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Aikman contributed $1 million to establish United Way’s first-ever donor advised fund: The Troy Aikman Foundation Fund.

Troy Aikman’s not the only one who’s leading the charge. People all over the world are contributing. Just how many, you ask?

This very second, over $70.7 billion in donor-advised funds are currently available in 240,000 donor accounts.

These funds are just waiting for contributors to recommend recipients, and DonorPerfect wants to help your organization get donor-advised fund grants to further your mission!

9 Facts Every Nonprofit Should Know About Donor-Advised Funds

That’s why we’re offering you a FREE e-Book that includes:

  • A simple, no-nonsense definition of donor-advised funds
  • 9 facts about donor-advised funds that can benefit your nonprofit
  • Best practices for how to record gifts from donor-advised funds

Plus, you’ll learn about how you can efficiently and effectively manage donor-advised fund grants and contributing donors with DonorPerfect Fundraising Software.

This quick and informative read can be the start of one of the most powerful fundraising pursuits your organization can take on this year and into the future. As you’ll learn in the e-book, the number of donor-advised funds is increasing every year. By understanding how they work and how you can build relationships with the donors who make them possible, your organization can be first in line to receive the many grants that will result from this growing trend.

Written by Amanda Foran
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    Thank you for offering the ebooklet on Donor Advised Funds. After reading it, I will be more informed. Perhaps then I would be interested in the demo.

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