On June 2nd 2017, access to DonorPerfect and WebLink will require a TLS 1.1 compliant internet browser. Security is one of our top priorities at DonorPerfect.  We maintain the highest security standards to ensure your data is safe. That’s why we’ve implemented a security update in the next DonorPerfect release.  On June 2nd, access to DonorPerfect and WebLink will require a TLS 1.1 compliant internet browser. The majority of our customers are already compliant. But, this may prevent a small segment of you (less than 1%) from accessing DonorPerfect and WebLink services. Here’s what you need to know about this security update:

Why TLS 1.1 is Important?

Web browsers and other applications use TLS (Transport Layer Security) to exchange data. TLS provides privacy and data integrity between two communicating computer applications. DonorPerfect also uses TLS to securely communicate between servers and web browsers. You’ll maintain the highest level of security and be able to access all your DonorPerfect and WebLink Services using an up to date browser. Use a TLS 1.1 browser to access DonorPerfect.

What will happen if I don’t update my older browser?

After 6/2/17, we will disable the TLS 1.0 encryption protocol. When you attempt to log in to DonorPerfect using an unsupported browser, you will receive an error and not be able to log in. This will be due to the high security encryption used to protect your data in DonorPerfect, which is incompatible with less secure browsers. The same is true for WebLink.

Avoid Service Disruptions – Test Your Browser!

We recommend that you visit this site (https://www.howsmyssl.com) to verify that your web browser is compatible with TLS 1.1. If you get a status of “Bad”, upgrade your browser immediately to the most current version. Upgrading to a TLS 1.1 compliant browser will allow you to remain PCI compliant  as you protect your donor’s credit card information. For more information about TLS 1.1 and compatible, secure browsers, visit Upgrading Your Browser to Support TLS Updates (June 2017) in the Knowledgebase.

Release Notes

Improved Security wasn’t the only update in this release. We’ve also streamlined the Import process, improved Smart Actions and more! Read about all of the enhancements and fixes in the DonorPerfect 2017.06 Release Notes in the Knowledgebase.
by Stephanie Kanak

May 30 17
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