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Accept Swiped Credit Card Donations

Are you searching for the perfect tool to accelerate your fundraising, broaden your impact, and empower your mission? Maybe you’ve been looking for an efficient way to collect and record donations in private meetings with donors, at large events, or anywhere in between. Or, perhaps you’ve been befuddled by trying to track down members for their annual dues. Whatever your particular need, DPMobile Swipe is poised to revolutionize your fundraising with a simple and easy way to collect payment on the go!

What is DPMobile Swipe?POS Donation System Swipe Graphic

DPMobile Swipe is the latest tool in our fundraising suite that will enable you to securely process one-time credit card payments, whether swiped or manually entered–all processed through your SafeSave™ Gateway and integrated directly into DonorPerfect.

What Does DPMobile Swipe Do?

In addition to the great features already available in DPMobile, Swipe empowers you to save time and fundraise with ease. It enables you to instantly process mobile payments for ticketing, auction items, merchandise, donations, and more; and, after the payment is processed, DPMobile takes care of the rest! It will immediately email a receipt to the donor and update their record in Donorperfect in real time!

This new, powerful tool also includes the ability to:

  • Swipe a credit card or manually enter a card number to process a donation wherever you take your mobile device.
  • Securely encrypt all payments processed through DPMobile.
  • Select an existing donor in DonorPerfect or quickly add a new one with a name and email address.
  • Set the default values of the Thank You Letter, General Ledger, Solicitation Code, and Sub-Solicitation Code fields when the new gift is created.
  • View real-time fundraising progress with the Mobile Payments report.
Mobile Credit Card Donation

How Can I Begin Fundraising with Ease?

1. Download or update DPMobile from the iTunes app store.

If you already have DPMobile, iTunes should have alerted you when the updated version of the app became available. (Currently, Swipe technology is only available for iOS devices.)

2. Log in to DPMobile with your DonorPerfect login credentials.

Note: The same User Security settings in DonorPerfect will apply in DPMobile as well.

3. Verify that your organization is set up with a required SafeSave™ Payments Gateway.SafeSave Pagements Zoom Logo

DPMobile Swipe will detect if your organization has the required, integrated SafeSave™ Payments Gateway. When you click the “Pay/Donate” button, you’ll be directed to one of these two links:

  • DPMobile users WITH a current gateway can proceed with ordering Card Readers (see #4 below).
  • DPMobile users WITHOUT a gateway will be directed to sign up for one. Request more information here.

4. Order a DPMobile Card Reader.

Clients with an existing gateway can order a Card Reader here or from within DPMobile as shown below.Order Donation Processing Card Reader

5. Plug in the Card Reader and start processing those payments!

This new tool will mobilize your team’s fundraising opportunities to collect payments anywhere and can become a driving force for your mission in the years to come.

More information on DPMobile Swipe.

Written by Ally Orlando
  1. Terry Austin permalink
    A very good addition. I've noticed that Square now offers the ability to accept and hold transaction information until an internet connection is available to complete the actual transaction. Will Swipe also be able to do this? Our events often occur in places without reliable wifi/data access.
    • Josh Hurst permalink
      @Terry - Currently, payments can only be processed when an internet connection is available. However, our development team is always looking for ways to improve DPMobile. Take a moment to vote on this idea here in Suggest and Vote.
  2. Evan permalink
    And the boss wants to know when it'll be available for Android.
    • Josh Hurst permalink
      @Evan- Currently, the swipe technology is not available for Android. However, we do plan to integrate this technology with Android in the future.
      • I can't access dpmobile on my Samsung Galaxy. So I am thinking this is not available still. DK 5/4/16 - Spokane, WA I have the reader unit which my boss just gave me, and I am lost. Thanks for any input.
        • Josh Hurst permalink
          @Donna - You can access DPMobile from your Samsung Galaxy and enjoy much of the functionality offered in the app. However, the functionality to process payments with your Galaxy is not yet available. Currently, this feature is only available for iOS devices. You can read more about DPMobile's functionality here.
  3. Mike Bacera permalink
    Very nifty looking features! Just to verify, has this come to Android devices yet? I just made sure my app is updated (reads as 3.1.1(2014.01) ) and I don't believe the feature is available on this version, nor does my app look like the app in the video.
    • Josh Hurst permalink
      @Mike - Currently, the swipe technology is not available for Android. However, we do plan to integrate this technology with Android in the future.
  4. Maya Rudowske permalink
    Is this only for one time gifts? Can we make a selection that will make allow our donor to now give monthly/quarterly etc starting with this first transaction?
    • Josh Hurst permalink
      @Maya - Currently, you can only create one time gifts. However, this is a feature our development team is considering. Take a moment to vote on this idea here in Suggest and Vote.
  5. Elizabeth Kase permalink
    Looks good, but does anybody else have trouble with their PCI Compliance policy? Our yearly questionnaire that we are required to complete, seems to preclude us from using anything that is not on our secured network. Anybody else?
  6. Cheryl permalink
    Will this be made available for Windows phones as well?
  7. We use a card reader with PayPal now. Will the same card reader work with DP mobile?
    • Josh Hurst permalink
      @Waddy - No, you'll need a card reader from DonorPerfect for encryption purposes.
  8. Mara permalink
    Is there an added cost from DP if we use this feature? We are currently processing credit card payments via the SaveSafe gateway, so am I correct in understanding our only cost would be in purchasing the device? Thanks!
    • Josh Hurst permalink
      @Mara - That's correct, the only additional cost is in the purchase of the phone.
  9. Laurie permalink
    So do you even need a card reader or can you just enter the card number manually?
    • Josh Hurst permalink
      @Laurie - Correct. Having a card reader is not a necessity. You can enter card numbers manually.
  10. Jim Sanders permalink
    @Elizabeth. I don't believe that you need to worry about PCI Compliance for these transactions, as the data does not reside on one of your company's servers, therefore the scans and PCI Compliance is the responsibility of the Processor (DonorPerfect/SafeSave/Mercury, etc). We had that issue with ticketing at our theaters and when we went to a cloud based system, no data was stored locally or unencrypted locally. @Josh. Do you want to verify this for everyone? Thanks
    • Josh Hurst permalink
      @Elizabeth and @Jim - Jim, you're correct! I couldn't have said it better myself.
  11. And I vote that we are able to choose the processing gateway from a drop down, as we have four separate accounts. You know my story, but I hope that others out there in DPO land with more than one bank account (for different chapters, etc) would find it useful.
  12. Louise Crayton permalink
    I would like to see payments processed with a name, address, telephone number and possibly email address. That would be very helpful to me when inputting information into our DP database.
  13. Michael Wheaton permalink
    Is using DP Mobile on both phone and tablet PCI DSS compliant?
    • Emily Lefferts permalink
      Hi Michael! The gateway is PCI DSS compliant, so no matter what device you use to connect, you're in the clear. Please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts as you use DP Mobile. Happy fundraising!
  14. Does this allow me to save credit card information in order to save time during fundraising events?
    • Emily Lefferts permalink
      Hi Valdemar! Thanks for checking in. DPMobile Swipe only saves credit card information for recurring gifts and pledges, but not for one-time donations. It does work with mobile card readers, which saves a lot of time compared to manually entering credit card information at your events. Here's the card reader we recommend using. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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