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Accept Swiped Credit Card Donations

Are you searching for the perfect tool to accelerate your fundraising, broaden your impact, and empower your mission? Maybe you’ve been looking for an efficient way to collect and record donations in private meetings with donors, at large events, or anywhere in between. Or, perhaps you’ve been befuddled by trying to track down members for their annual dues. Whatever your particular need, DPMobile Swipe is poised to revolutionize your fundraising with a simple and easy way to collect payment on the go!

What is DPMobile Swipe?POS Donation System Swipe Graphic

DPMobile Swipe is the latest tool in our fundraising suite that will enable you to securely process one-time credit card payments, whether swiped or manually entered–all processed through your SafeSave™ Gateway and integrated directly into DonorPerfect.

What Does DPMobile Swipe Do?

In addition to the great features already available in DPMobile, Swipe empowers you to save time and fundraise with ease. It enables you to instantly process mobile payments for ticketing, auction items, merchandise, donations, and more; and, after the payment is processed, DPMobile takes care of the rest! It will immediately email a receipt to the donor and update their record in Donorperfect in real time!

This new, powerful tool also includes the ability to:

  • Swipe a credit card or manually enter a card number to process a donation wherever you take your mobile device.
  • Securely encrypt all payments processed through DPMobile.
  • Select an existing donor in DonorPerfect or quickly add a new one with a name and email address.
  • Set the default values of the Thank You Letter, General Ledger, Solicitation Code, and Sub-Solicitation Code fields when the new gift is created.
  • View real-time fundraising progress with the Mobile Payments report.
Mobile Credit Card Donation

How Can I Begin Fundraising with Ease?

1. Download or update DPMobile from the iTunes app store.

If you already have DPMobile, iTunes should have alerted you when the updated version of the app became available. (Currently, Swipe technology is only available for iOS devices.)

2. Log in to DPMobile with your DonorPerfect login credentials.

Note: The same User Security settings in DonorPerfect will apply in DPMobile as well.

3. Verify that your organization is set up with a required SafeSave™ Payments Gateway.SafeSave Pagements Zoom Logo

DPMobile Swipe will detect if your organization has the required, integrated SafeSave™ Payments Gateway. When you click the “Pay/Donate” button, you’ll be directed to one of these two links:

  • DPMobile users WITH a current gateway can proceed with ordering Card Readers (see #4 below).
  • DPMobile users WITHOUT a gateway will be directed to sign up for one. Request more information here.

4. Order a DPMobile Card Reader.

Clients with an existing gateway can order a Card Reader here or from within DPMobile as shown below.Order Donation Processing Card Reader

5. Plug in the Card Reader and start processing those payments!

This new tool will mobilize your team’s fundraising opportunities to collect payments anywhere and can become a driving force for your mission in the years to come.

More information on DPMobile Swipe.

Written by Ally Orlando