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Updated Features: Monthly Giving Alert and Numeric Field Format

DonorPerfect 2017.09 improved Monthly Giving alerts and added additional numeric field formatting. At DonorPerfect, we’re just as concerned about the day-to-day details of your nonprofit as we are about the big picture. In this weekend’s upcoming release, we’re focused in on the details! We’ve improved some key items you told us were important to your organization like improving alerts for Monthly Giving and adding additional numeric field formatting.  

Real-time Monthly Giving Alerts

DonorPerfect Alerts remind you to perform routine but essential tasks. Alerts can help you to follow up on expired credit cards, download WebLink transactions and send thank you letters or email receipts. One aspect that you asked us to improve was when these alerts get updated. Now, when you process your Monthly Giving payments, the alert will update immediately. If you’ve signed up for Automatic Monthly Giving, the alert will be disabled since DonorPerfect processes the payments for you.  

Improved Numeric Field Formatting

Consistent and reliable formatting for your numeric fields in DonorPerfect is important. Using Screen Designer, you can define a range of decimal places from whole numbers to 4 decimals for a numeric field. Fields and tables in the donor’s record will display the numeric field as configured. Easy Reports will also display your numeric field’s settings consistently. Keep in mind that currency fields will always be formatted with 2 decimal places. Other numeric fields you create can now have up to 4.  

DP Community Updates

In addition to product enhancements, your feedback improves how we interact with you and help you. Here are a few NEW things happening in DP Community this month:   Find Your Tribe! Connect with your peers in the Nonprofit and DonorPerfect community. Check out this revised list of DP Community Groups. We revised it based on your feedback and participation in the groups. Connect with peers in the Nonprofit and DonorPerfect Community. New Reporting Articles in the Knowledgebase Reporting is one of the best features in DonorPerfect! These three new articles will help you understand and use DP’s Reporting features even more. The requests for these articles came directly from talking to you, our customers. How to Add Reports to the Dashboard How to Edit an Easy Report Creating and Scheduling an Easy Report for All Gifts from Last Week  

Release Notes

Read about all the 2017.09 enhancements and fixes in the DonorPerfect 2017.09 Release Notes. Don’t forget to check out the Suggest & Vote Ideas section at the top to see how many of your suggestions we’ve implemented. We love our customers because they have so many great ideas!
Written by Ally Orlando
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