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Donors With Multiple Mailing Addresses

How To Handle Donors With Multiple or Seasonal Addresses?

Do you have donors that have summer homes or need to have mail delivered to other than their primary address? Would you like to pull up a donor’s record by a different name (Maiden) or an alternative spelling/abbreviation to make the look-up easier?

It’s all easy to do in DonorPerfect by using the Address tab.

Whenever you have a donor record on the screen in DonorPerfect, you can click on the Address tab to add additional addresses or salutations for that donor. Once added, it’s simple to mark a date range for that address, and DonorPerfect will automatically know to send mail to that address (instead of the primary address) when you export addresses from the system.

How to Handle Multiple Donors in One Household

Likewise, you can create additional addresses, and mark them with specific mailing types, so that when you send out certain mailings (like a volunteer newsletter), the newsletter can be addressed to the right person in the household.

Finally, you can create alternative addresses or aliases that you can use to pull up that record on the main search screen. This is useful if you want to pull up a record by different last names in a household or use an abbreviation for an organization.

Addressing in DonorPerfect is very easy AND very powerful- try it out today!

Written by Amanda Foran
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