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DonorPerfect is an Official Sponsor of AFP’s Women’s Impact Initiative

AFP Womens Impact Initiative
DonorPerfect is an Official Sponsor of AFP’s Women’s Impact Initiative

On International Women’s Day, DonorPerfect is honored to announce our role in supporting women at nonprofits across the globe as an official sponsor of AFP’s Women’s Impact Initiative.

Through awareness, education, safe spaces, and conversation, the Women’s Impact Initiative aims to create positive change that allows all nonprofit professionals the equal opportunity to grow and thrive as they dedicate their talents, experience, and careers to furthering incredible causes.

On this day and every day, our entire team is privileged to help further the overdue progress of women in the nonprofit sector through creating and supporting software that helps them achieve their professional goals, and now, through our official partnership with the Women’s Impact Initiative.

Recent Collaborations with the Women’s Impact Initiative

In 2018, we worked with the Women’s Impact Initiative to publish and promote The Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women. Aimed at acknowledging and narrowing the gender gap in nonprofit leadership, this free e-book contains exercises, best practices, and advice from women leaders in the nonprofit community to help women progress in their careers. It also alerts organizations of the need for cultural change in terms of equal access to opportunity for everyone on staff.

At the 2019 AFP International Conference in San Antonio, Texas happening March 31- April 2, we’ll be debuting our latest e-book in collaboration with AFP, #TimesUp for Sexual Harassment in Fundraising. DonorPerfect and The Women’s Impact Initiative hope that the publication of this e-book can serve as a call for nonprofits to take a closer look at the culture of their organization and the processes and policies in place to ensure that their fundraisers can safely perform their important roles that are critical to the success of their mission.

It is our honor to work in proximity to thousands of women who see and speak up and who recognize the incredible power of empathy and leverage it to fuel action and further change. On behalf of the entire DonorPerfect Team, we wish you and your organization an International Women’s Day that celebrates the achievements of all the women who champion your cause.

Written by Emily Patz