Your Year-End Fundraising Destination


Yep, billion. That’s how many total dollars are raised, on average, across all nonprofits in JUST November and December.

How does your organization prepare for this peak time in generosity?

Whether you’re new at year-end fundraising or you’ve been around the block a few times, DonorPerfect has set out on a mission to make this year-end your easiest and most successful one yet! Introducing: the Fundraiser’s Year-End Resource Hub!

Here’s a glance at what we’ve prepared for you:

Goals Worksheet

We’ll ask you the right questions to get your team thinking about how you’ll reach your year-end goal together. Whatever that goal is, it’s important that it’s attainable.

Pre-Fundraising Checklist

That person who reminds you to pack enough socks for your trip? That’s us. As you go through the resource hub, keep this checklist handy so you can visualize what it’ll take to kick off your campaign – without ever feeling like you’re forgetting something.

Steps to Clean Up Your Database

It’s the worst when you’re trying to get something done, and suddenly you hit roadblocks. We’ve got tips to help you resolve any kinks you have in your data now so you can work smoothly and efficiently when it’s crunch time!

Suggested Donor Segmentation

It’s important to address your donors as specifically and as personally as possible. Getting them down into groups helps a TON. With our tips on who and how to approach, you might just uncover a group you hadn’t considered before!


And not the boring kind. We’ve mapped out – with pictures – what your ideal email appeal and Facebook post appeal should look like and how to tap into the hearts of your supporters.

Communications Timeline

How many touchpoints is too many? You don’t have to question it. Our timeline is the schedule you need to take advantage of the optimal moments to post to social media, mail out your newsletters, and get those appeals out!

Tips on Last-Minute Strategies

According to Winspire, 12% of all charitable gifts are given between 12/29 and 12/31. Learn what it takes to get donors to answer your call to action as they get their last gifts in before the end of the tax period.

Ways to Measure Your Success

Making data-informed decisions is detrimental to reaching your org’s goals and thriving. After all, you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been! We’ll tell you what data to look for so you can decide what you’ll take or leave for next year’s strategy.

So, when should you get started?

We’ve asked your nonprofit peers and we’ve done our research. Overwhelmingly, it seems organizations are mapping out their year-end an entire year in advance – but agh! What if you’re just getting started now? Not to worry, using our resource hub this Summer will make the Fall feel a little less hectic – and you’ll still have time to get a tan 😉.

by Laura Bucher

Jul 8 19
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