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Create or Refine Your Nonprofit’s Brand


Does Your Nonprofit Brand Need a Refresh?

As many of you embark on a new fiscal year, you might consider making changes. One of the many changes that can take place includes a re-branding or creating a brand if you’re new to the NPO scene. Beth Brodovsky, from Iris Creative, shared her tips and advice on non-profit branding at our recent expert webcast, Truly Distinctive: Creating a Meaningful Organizational Brand.

Branding Misconceptions

According to Beth, branding is what is heard, what is seen and what is experienced. She then elaborated on the misconceptions related to branding:

Misconception Truth
Branding is about awareness. Marketing is what creates awareness.
Having a brand means everyone wants you. Not everyone wants or needs your organization.
Your brand is based on how you look. The design of your logo plays an important role. Your logo is the shortcut into the minds of your perfect donor or constituent. A good logo design supports your goals.

The Components of a Brand

Every brand includes some key components that help make it distinctive. Beth recommends focusing on these items to help you define yours.

  • Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Goals
  • Audience
  • Core Message
  • Graphic Identity
  • Delivery

How to Get There

The process of branding includes having a goal, establishing a strategy, and having an objective. An objective is a measurable step to achieving the strategy.

Want to know more about how you can get there? Watch our latest webinar, Truly Distinctive: Creating a Meaningful Organizational Brand.

Additional Branding Resources

  • Download the slides that accompany the presentation as a companion to the Webinar.
  • For more insights into improving your organization’s branding and other related topics, attend one of Beth’s presentations at the DonorPerfect Community Network Conference on October 5 & 6, 2015.
  • To help you review all the content you currently use for branding, download Beth’s Communication Audit Checklist.

DonorPerfect’s NonProfit Expert Webcast Series

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Written by Amanda Foran
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