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30 Names for Your Monthly Giving Program

30 names for your monthly giving program

Monthly Giving is an ideal opportunity to increase donor contributions to your organization. Many nonprofits have found that monthly giving is the key to donor retention and see significant increases in the length of time a donor continues to contribute. Countless tools help to make monthly giving appealing to prospects and donors. Let’s start with the simplest. The very first thing anyone sees when they consider contributing is the name of your monthly giving program. This is the perfect place to start gaining interest from those who support your organization.

Instead of asking your donors to make a monthly or recurring gift instead of a one-time donation, entice them with a sense of belonging. How you word something can make a world of difference. Check out some of our ideas below for what to call your monthly giving program.

Make Your Donors Part of the Team

Remind your donors that they are part of the team of people who are working for your mission. There are so many options other than “donor” that can convey a sense of belonging and promote your contributors within your organization.


1. Friend

2. Supporter

3. Champion

4. Advocate

5. Ally

6. Defender

7. Benefactor

Use these words when crafting the name of your monthly giving program. For example, your program could be called Friends of (Your Organization Name) or Advocates of (Your Mission).

Monthly Giving Maintains Your Mission

Many nonprofits find that their monthly giving programs are what enable them to finance their day to day activities. This reliable source of revenue helps nonprofits to plan their budget for the year and continue to provide the services they offer. Creative names for your “maintenance giving program” validate your supporters’ vital role.


8. Innkeeper

9. Peacekeeper

10. Sustainer

11. Provider

12. Conservator

Use an Acronym to Stand Out

Acronyms are a creative and memorable option for naming your monthly giving program. They can also be an effective marketing tool as they’re often short enough to print on promotional materials like t-shirts, car stickers, etc. Acronyms have the advantage of allowing the name of your monthly giving program to be lengthier and still easy to remember.


13. CALL (Child Advocates for Literacy and Learning)

14. FLASH (Fellowship of Leaders for the Arts in School and Home)

15. PPEP (People Protecting Endangered Primates)

16. SEAT (Stopping Elder Abuse Together)

17. PAW (Protecting Animal Welfare)

18. WAGE (Working for Age and Gender Equality)

Draw Your Donors In With Alliteration

Alliterations help to grab your supporter’s attention and are often very easy to remember and stick in a donor’s head. They can also create a sense of rhythm or humor and can be a very fun and engaging option when titling your monthly giving program.


19. Heroes Giving Hope

20. Making Meals for Many

21. Playful Paws Program

Try Out Popular Phrases

Use some common phrases for the name of your monthly giving program. Consider using the phrase as is or adapting it slightly. For example, you could replace one word in the phrase with a rhyming word that relates to your mission. Or you could turn a phrase on its head too.


22. No Place Like Home Program

23. Every Dog Has His Stay

24. More Cooks in the Soup Kitchen

Include a Call to Action

Boost the impact of the name of your monthly giving program by making it a call to action. This reminds your donors of the impact of their monthly gift. It’s also an excellent way to encourage and motivate your donor to make a larger monthly gift.


25. Plant a Million Trees Program

26. Save Our Open Space Society

27. Clean the Oceans Club

Incorporate a Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising campaigns are an effective way to draw donors in. Make sure your fundraising campaign incorporates a monthly giving ask. Entice supporters to increase the impact of their campaign contributions by enrolling in your monthly giving program.


28. #InThisTogether Crew

29. Supporting First Responders Union

30. Going the Social Distance

This is an excellent opportunity to let the personality of your organization shine. Have some fun coming up with a creative name for your monthly giving program that lets donors know what you’re all about. Remember, a successful monthly giving program can be one of the best ways to support your mission and keep your donors engaged. Don’t forget to check out our Monthly Giving Marketing Kit for additional resources.

Share Your Ideas

How about you? What creative ideas for monthly giving programs have you come across? Share them with us in the blog comments or in the Development and Fundraising Professionals group in the DonorPerfect Community.

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  1. Michel permalink
    I am just curious about this, as we already have a membership program. Would it confuse people if we came up with another name for it? Or would you suggest in our case using a new name for a fundraising campaign?
    • Christy Smaglio permalink
      Hi Michel, That's a great question! You may want to consider a few questions while making this decision. How developed is your program right now? Have you seen steady growth or have your numbers of subscribers decreased? Are you looking to make a big push in the coming months to increase your numbers? If you do decide to proceed with a name change, it may be a good idea to send an email and letter thanking your current members and letting them know about the name change.
  2. these are great! I'll share on my blog too. cheers, erica
    • Christy Smaglio permalink
      Thank you Erica! We appreciate you sharing it with your readers too!

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