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How the Canadian Government’s Relief Programs Can Help Your Nonprofit Now

How the Canadian Government's Relief Payments Can Help Nonprofits Now

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The Canadian government is taking measures to support nonprofit organizations through the COVID-19 pandemic. For nonprofits that are struggling to pay their employees at this dire time, it’s important to understand the resources available to them. To help you navigate the federal relief programs, the team at DonorPerfect consolidated them in this list. If you are aware of any useful additional coronavirus/COVID-19 response laws that benefit nonprofits, please include them in the comments below.

Federal relief programs can help your organization by:

#1. Giving you an extension to file your T3010

To allow nonprofit organizations to continue providing their services during the COVID-19 crisis the federal government extended the filing date for the 2019 tax year to December 31st 2020.

For more details, visit this page.

#2. Helping you cover a portion of your employees’ salaries

The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) protects against further job losses and encourages organizations to rehire employees who were previously laid off as a result of the pandemic. For a period of 12 weeks:

  • The Government of Canada will cover 75% of wages for nonprofit organizations and registered charities.
  • The benefit cap is $847 a week per employee.

For more information on your eligibility, click here.

#3. Enabling you to retain employees by allowing them to share their work

The Work Sharing program (WS) has been expanded to include nonprofit organizations. It’s designed for organizations facing a decrease in work for its employees. Eligible employees agree to reduce their hours in order to share the available workload with their colleagues. WS allows your organization to retain experienced workers and avoid training new hires after the crisis.

Check eligibility and apply here.

#4. Allowing you to reduce payroll deductions

The Temporary Wage Subsidy measure is a program that allows employers to reduce payroll deductions required by the CRA. For a period of 12 weeks:

  • This subsidy will cover 10% of payroll deductions.
  • Up to $1,375 is allowed per employee and a maximum of $25,000 per organization.

Learn more here.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the source of much uncertainty in the nonprofit sector. With these funding relief programs, the hope is that you and your organization stay afloat throughout it all. Act fast to ensure your organization can benefit before funds are depleted.

The Team at DonorPerfect Canada thanks you for your continued efforts to combat the impact of COVID-19 on the populations you serve and wishes you our very best.

Note: The measures listed above are put in place by the federal government. Each province and territory can have their own support programs, therefore we encourage you to consult their official websites for more information.

Additional information on relief programs

Comment le Plan d'Intervention Économique du Canada Peut Aider Votre Organisme

Le gouvernement fédéral a instauré plusieurs mesures pour aider les organismes de bienfaisance à traverser la crise du COVID-19. Pour les organismes qui auraient de la difficulté à payer leur employés, il est important de comprendre quelles sont les ressources disponibles. Pour vous aider à naviguer à travers les différents programmes, DonorPerfect les a consolidés ci-dessous. Si vous avez connaissance d’autres programmes, partagez-les dans la boîte de commentaires au bas de la page.

Programmes fédéraux disponibles:

#1. Allongement du délai de production de la T3010

La date de remise de la T3010 2019 a été repoussée au 31 décembre 2020.

Plus de détails ici.

#2. La Subvention salariale d’urgence du Canada (SSUC)

La Subvention protège contre les pertes d’emploi et permet de réembaucher les employés mis à pied. Pendant 12 semaines :

  • Le gouvernement du Canada couvrira 75% des salaires des employés des organismes sans but lucratif et des organismes enregistrés.
  • Le maximum est de 847 $ par semaine par employé.

Plus de détails ici.

#3. Garder vos employés en partageant le travail

Le programme de Travail partagé a été étendu aux organismes de bienfaisance. Les employés éligibles réduisent leurs heures pour partager leur travail avec d’autres. Le programme permet de conserver les travailleurs d’expérience et évite d’avoir à former de nouveaux employés après la crise.

Plus de détails ici.

#4. Réduction des déductions à la source

Le programme permet de réduire le montant des versements de déductions à la source. Pour une période de 12 semaines:

  • La subvention couvre 10% des salaires.
  • Maximum de 1 375 $ par employé et 25 000 $ par organisme.

Plus de détails ici.

La pandémie de COVID-19 impose beaucoup d’incertitude sur le milieu philanthropique. Ces différents programmes de support devraient vous permettre de passer à travers la crise. Il est recommandé de demander les subventions le plus rapidement possible.

L’équipe DonorPerfect Canada vous remercie pour vos efforts à combattre les impacts du COVID-19 sur les clientèles que vous desservez et nous vous souhaitons une bonne continuation.

Note: les mesures décrites ici émanent du gouvernement fédéral. Chaque province a développé ses propres programmes, nous vous encourageons à consulter leurs sites web.

Information complémentaire sur les programmes de support

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  1. Glynis Corkal permalink
    These programs are very important. However there are many groups who exist with contracted employees. The groups who contract their staff with no revenues coming in (small arts groups, for example), are having to severe contracts, leaving people with no income and no programs to apply for help.

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