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Employee Voices on “Culture Excellence” at DonorPerfect

SofterWare Sweeps Every Category in 2023 Top Workplaces Awards

Top workplace awards: Innovation, Work-life flexibility, Compensation & benefits, purpose & values, leadership

When Emily Lefferts began her writing career with DonorPerfect in 2022, she was no stranger to the social good sector. Having worked for several nonprofit organizations, she was all too familiar with cultivating donor relationships and stewarding planned givers through events, direct mail, and more. What she had never done before was create educational resources for nonprofits of all kinds to excel at these activities.

“After serving as a fundraiser for about ten years, I realized it was time to make a career shift toward the more creative work that called to my heart,” says Lefferts.

“It was challenging to find organizations that offered everything I was looking for when job hunting: the flexibility to work remotely, a collaborative and encouraging environment, fair pay and benefits, and above all, a mission that serves the common good. Joining the team at SofterWare [DonorPerfect’s parent company] gave me all of the above and then some. I get to connect with amazing nonprofits and help fundraisers achieve their goals.”

Now a dedicated Copywriter for DonorPerfect nonprofit software, Lefferts has discovered how much she enjoys researching the latest fundraising trends to build useful and timely resources for fellow fundraisers. She says she feels fortunate to work for an organization that nourishes her love of learning and passion for the nonprofit sector, as she is currently working toward a certificate in Philanthropic Psychology through the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.

DonorPerfect creators, SofterWare, sweep the 2023 Culture Excellence awards

SofterWare, the Philadelphia-based company that powers DonorPerfect Fundraising Software, announced today that it has earned 2023 Top Workplaces Culture Excellence recognition for its Leadership, Innovation, Compensation & Benefits, Work-Life Flexibility, and Purpose & Values – sweeping every category surveyed.

Issued by Energage – a research company with more than 16 years of experience surveying over 27 million employees at 70,000 organizations – Top Workplaces awards are based solely on employee feedback gathered in a research-backed, 24-item survey.

Why SofterWare employees love working with DonorPerfect & each other

Culture Excellence awards are given to organizations that excel in:

1) Leadership

This award celebrates organizational leaders who inspire confidence in employees and the company’s direction. They listen to what matters most to employees and use that insight in decision-making.

The leadership at SofterWare addresses tough questions head-on. Discussion and feedback are strongly encouraged and they both listen and remember. SofterWare fosters an environment of collaboration, transparency, and empowerment which sets you up for success and growth.”

– Gene Orlando, Technical Support Team Lead

Employees at SofterWare feel strongly about having equal access to leadership opportunities and nurturing the skills that will make them a reality. In April 2023, the Communications team partnered with nonprofit leaders Tycely Williams, Mallory Erickson, Chantal Bonitto, Unique Brathwaite, Macy Vintson, Lenora Oeters, and Kathy Rabon to create the Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women: Second Edition. The free resource includes guided writing prompts, personal stories, and practical advice to help individuals in the nonprofit sector further their career journey.

2) Innovation

This award recognizes organizations that have created a culture where new ideas are encouraged, which helps employees to reach their full potential and benefits performance.  

3) Compensation & Benefits

This award celebrates organizations that provide packages employees believe are fair for the work being done and compared to others in the industry.

At the heart of SofterWare is the understanding that you’re a person first and foremost with wants and needs, not just a number or a role to fill. It’s very humbling to know companies like this still exist.”

– Miranda Marlapudi, Client Onboarding Manager; Member of SofterWare Women’s Network

4) Work-Life Flexibility

This award recognizes organizations that have built a culture that enables employees to meet the demands of their personal lives while maintaining high performance.

I love working for a company that is consistent with my values and having a job that fits so well in the rest of my life… The flexibility to work remotely and keep my job during a cross-country move was an enormous stress relief. I’m never shy about creative opportunities and am so pleased with my improvement as a writer since starting at SofterWare.”

– Emily Lefferts, Copywriter; Member of the Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee

5) Purpose & Values

This award celebrates organizations that have successfully communicated the company mission and integrated those aspirations into the culture.

A history of innovation in the social good industry

When Nathan Relles co-founded SofterWare with his friend and business partner, Doug Schoenberg, he had no idea that more than three decades later he would be recognized as an “emerging icon.” Relles was one of six recipients of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s inaugural Industry Emerging Icons Award in 2016. Now a board member, Relles served as President and Chief Innovation Officer of SofterWare before passing the torch to Lauren Sheehan in 2022. 

The son of Holocaust survivors, Relles immigrated to the United States as a child. His parents instilled in him the importance of giving back, strengthening the community, and contributing his time, talent, and resources to organizations that diffuse hatred and bigotry.

His personal commitment to helping community organizations grow and prosper through the effective use of technology led to SofterWare’s creation in 1981. Products such as DonorPerfect, which helps cultivate donor relationships and achieve fundraising results, enable these organizations to focus their energies on fulfilling their missions and realizing their goals.

Everyone who is passionate about their work deserves a welcoming space in which they feel comfortable unlearning old methods, suggesting new workflows, holding true to their personal values, and in general, being their authentic self. For relatable stories and practical advice from nonprofit leaders who have advocated for these needs along their career journey, download your copy of the Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women below – a free resource that allows you to add notes and forge your own path.

Download the Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women: Second Edition

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