Frequently Asked Questions about Support Plans

Do I have to choose a support plan?

DonorPerfect Online clients must participate in a support plan, and we strongly recommend participation by all DonorPerfect clients. We know that clients who participate in a plan use DonorPerfect more effectively, and they consistently report higher satisfaction. In addition, if you wish to receive product updates and enhancements, you must, at a minimum, be on the Maintenance support plan.

Can I continue to use the software without support?

DonorPerfect clients who use our installed version can use the software, but they will be locked into the current version. This means they will miss the latest features and technology available. Also, their version will eventually not be compatible with later versions of Microsoft’s operating systems, and they will be charged a reinstatement fee to rejoin support.

Can I change my support plan to a different level?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher-level plan at any time. If you pay for support on an annual basis, you will simply be charged the difference in fees, prorated for the remainder of your support contract. You can downgrade your plan when your annual contract expires. If you pay monthly, your fee will be adjusted up or down the following month. This fee may be prorated if you make a change in the middle of the month.

Is my support plan price guaranteed?

During your first year as a SofterWare client, regardless of whether you choose to prepay for the year or pay monthly, the price of support will not change. After the first year, the cost of support will be adjusted based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index).

How do I rejoin support if I’ve previously canceled participation?

Simply contact your account manager at (800) 848-3279. To recover product development expenses that other clients have been supporting, a reinstatement fee will be charged.

How do I contact support and what are the available resources?

When you choose a support plan, you will receive a welcome letter that will outline all the support options you have chosen, and will also provide the necessary information you need to contact support and enjoy all the benefits.

We work with an annual budget. How can I anticipate what support will cost in the future?

We adjust support plans on a yearly basis to match the CPI (Consumer Price Index). This helps avoid larger periodic increases in support costs, and allows an organization to budget more effectively. If we introduce a new support benefit that can change our support plan costs beyond the CPI, you will be given advance notice and have various plan options to meet your budget.

How can I find out when my contract expires?

If you are on an annual renewal, you will receive a notice at least eight to ten weeks in advance of your expiration date. If you are on a monthly payment plan, your support plan is automatically renewed. You can also contact our accounting department to find out at any time.

How can I find out about training?

We offer multiple training options that are perfect for new staff just learning the system as well as seasoned professionals looking to do more with the system. Visit to see what is available.

Is there a way to communicate with other DonorPerfect clients?

Yes! We have found that sharing experiences helps clients learn best practices and how to use the system more effectively. To encourage client communication, we offer user meetings at major conferences and a User Forum on our Clients Only web site.

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