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Making The Switch From Bloomerang to DonorPerfect

When it comes to transitioning to us from another software, DonorPerfect has a whole team devoted to your satisfaction. From day one, you can expect consistent communication about your needs and caring folks who will make sure they’re met. In this case study, learn more about our implementation process and the experience of Franklin Heritage Inc. & the Historic Artcraft Theatre as they made the switch from Bloomerang to DonorPerfect.

The Historic Artcraft Theatre is a 100-year-old movie theatre that has maintained its charm due to support from Franklin Heritage Inc. and the surrounding community. Their donor and membership program had previously been tracked in Bloomerang, but without an integration with a ticketing solution to automatically record data, George Chimples, Donor/Member Coordinator, was entering each donor’s data by hand. When the theater surpassed 3,000 donors, George and his board agreed that it was time to make the switch.

Here’s what George learned about onboarding with DonorPerfect:

We clue you in on every step with a detailed phase guide.

“Being able to have the schedule was helpful and took a lot of stress away.”

We review your data with you.

“The team was very responsive to what I needed them to do and were good about going through and just looking at the data with me.”

We provide the training you need, from the start.

“I think [the amount of training] is just enough. I got the basics down and now doing more advanced stuff. I know how to sign up for [more training] and look for it in the Help section. It’s all pretty well put together.”

We get you up and running quickly.

“[DonorPerfect] quoted us six to eight weeks. They were able to do our data migration ahead of schedule, which was nice because our contract with Bloomberg was actually up and that’s on a yearly basis, so we couldn’t just add on an additional month. We would have been without CRM software for about a month but they were able to push us ahead in the schedule so we were only down for a week. Very manageable.”

We treat you with the care and respect you deserve.

“Everybody on the training and data migration team were really nice to work with.”

One month into using DonorPerfect, George finds that DonorPerfect gives him a more complete view of his members and donors with more “robust and customizable reports and less manual record keeping!” Now that they’ve freed up their time, he and his team look forward to being better able to analyze their data and make more informed decisions about fundraising and the future of Franklin Heritage Inc., & the Historic Artcraft Theatre.

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