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To retain donors, you need to keep them engaged, something DonorPerfect users do very well. While the industry average for donor retention was 28.8% in 2018, according to Fundraising Report Card®, nonprofits with DonorPerfect were able to maintain a 46.2% donor retention rate. We’ve got the tools you need to cultivate those valuable donor relationships and keep your donor retention rate where it should be – on the up and up!

Keep supporters informed of exciting new initiatives and upcoming events via Constant Contact Email Marketing. Also, be sure to thank them for their donations or notify them that a gift was made in their honor with personalized letters or emails generated through DonorPerfect’s receipting tool.

Donor Engagement Features


  • Acknowledge gifts with personalized emails and letters
  • Email official PDF receipts
  • Send individual gift and year-end receipts
  • Use tools and templates for all your receipting needs

Task Assignment

  • Assign/add tasks to external calendars (Google, Apple, etc.)
  • Create SmartActions, alerts based on triggers you set
  • Access upcoming/overdue tasks from your dashboard

Email Marketing

  • Integrate with Constant Contact Email Marketing
  • Create contact lists that auto-update based on filters
  • Sync DonorPerfect records with Constant Contact
  • Report on the success of your campaigns.

*Talk to your account manager about including Constant Contact with your DonorPerfect subscription

Alerts and Notifications

  • Populate letters and emails with DonorPerfect data
  • Notify someone of gifts made on their behalf
  • Send donors reminders for upcoming pledge payments

It’s the most comprehensive customer relations management system out there for nonprofits. You'll be able to get that 360° view so you’re able to understand who your donors are, what their passions are, and then relate your mission to their passion, which we know will deepen engagement and raise your gifts. It will also help your organization grow its network of supporters. "

– Lisa Sobel Burlough, Jewish Family and Career Services

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