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Whether you are entirely new to online fundraising software, need to clean up data you’ve inherited from someone else, or simply want to expand on your DonorPerfect knowledge to boost your fundraising results, DonorPerfect Training is the right place to get started.

The Team at DonorPerfect would like to partner in your success to help you save time and raise more. Our experienced training experts can advise you on numerous industry best practices, no matter your role or sector.

Benefits of All Training Options

  • Gain efficiency in your processes by learning time-saving strategies.
  • Institute best practices while becoming a proficient DonorPerfect user.
  • Get new users up and running faster and existing users better equipped for their roles.
  • Combat the effects of high turnover rates. For example:
    • Understanding a DonorPerfect system you’ve inherited
    • Training new staff when you don’t have the time

Discover all the benefits of DonorPerfect Training by calling 800.848.3279.

Which training is right for you?

Personalized On-Site and Virtual On-Site Training

  • Offers the most personalized learning experiences, with one-on-one sessions, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Before your session, your trainer will discuss with you your goals, pain points, roles, and experience level to create a custom agenda with you.
  • Apply learning concepts directly, as you will work within your own database.
  • Improve the processes your organization currently has in place, based on your trainer’s recommendations.

Training Tracks

All of our training sessions are customized around the goals you specify with your trainer; however, you can opt to purchase a series of training sessions to tackle larger goals in manageable segments with Training Tracks. Some goals may include:

  • Jumping from beginner to pro as a DonorPerfect user
  • Training new staff to become familiar with your processes and your data
  • Learning industry best practices and DonorPerfect features relevant to your unique role (i.e, grant writing, event fundraising, managing a team, etc.)


  • Learn the fundamentals of DonorPerfect through pre-selected topics.
  • 1 hour, CFRE-certified virtual sessions
  • A cost-effective way to train your entire team at once
  • Choose from a revolving collection of free webinars, both live and pre-recorded
  • Get your questions answered by our experienced staff and the answers to other users’ questions you may not have thought of.

DonorPerfect’s trainers moved us a giant step forward toward understanding and fully utilizing the powerful tool that DonorPerfect is meant to be.”

Mindi R. (Development Coordinator)

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